My Favorite Quotes
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 Milt Stegall - “I promised it to somebody who asked me for it a while ago but even if I hadn't, I'd just give it to the ref or throw it in the stands,”
 John Gall - “I'm just trying to focus on every at-bat, every pitch, and not give anything away, but knowing that if I do, on the next pitch I've got to focus even that much more.”
 John Gall - “He did a good job of mixing up his pitches after that first inning. He settled down and threw to both sides of the plate.”
 Milt Stegall - “I don't know if he's dysfunctional or (if it's because) defensive linemen take a lot of shots to the head,”
 Milt Stegall - “My son could be the head of CFL officials,”
 Russell Ingall - “I'll go for a dark horse.”
 Jeff Segall - “The nice thing is that you don't get into a situation where you have old buildings blocked by new buildings the hospital can grow from south to north.”
 John Gall - “A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works.”
 Alice Foote MacDougall - “I simply don't believe in failure. In itself, it doesn't exist. We create it. We make ourselves fail.”
 John Gall - “We played below par tonight. I thought we were a little bit off tonight but we were still were able to win the game.”
 John Gall - “There was really no thought to it, which is probably why it happened.”
 Todd McDougall - “I thought we did a much better job offensively than (Tuesday). We need to keep working hard and get better as the season goes on.”
 Linda McDougall - “They're going to change the language in their commercials to eliminate what we thought was an inaccurate statement.”
 Gordon McDougall - “That was particularly disappointing. You couldn't get a nicer person than Keith Wright but the time comes when enough is enough.”
 Linda McDougall - “We would like to have a permanent injunction to avoid future litigation should any similar claim come up any time after April 30.”
 Russell Ingall - “Today doesn't mean much. It's just muscle-flexing day. The real work's still to come and it looks like it will be down to the driver.”
 Rocky Steagall - “We judge off those criteria. It's not like we sit there with an open mind. We use those tools to judge so we can explain why one rider was better than the other.”
 John Gall - “When you're at the top of the tree, teams try to force some things. I think we saw that tonight with Flower Mound. They tried to force the issue and we broke them down.”
 Jesse Segall - “When it comes down to a trial, we're going to try go get people down to support him. He's one of the nicest kids ever. He deserves our support.”
 Milt Stegall - “He just said I talk too much and I don't back it up, ... That's exactly what he said, and that's the God's honest truth. I promise to God. He said I never show up.”
 Milt Stegall - “It could get ugly early. The next thing you know they're smashing us, and then guys are really thinking about going home.”
 Milt Stegall - “On the other hand, the Bombers' first bye week of the season starts tomorrow. Combine that with a team that is all but out of playoff contention, and, well It could get ugly early, ... The next thing you know they're smashing us, and then guys are really thinking about going home.”
 Milt Stegall - “The only thing I'm trying to duplicate is the victory, ... If I score four touchdowns I'll be happy, but my big thing is duplicating the victory.”
 Gil Gall - “They are very disappointed that the hospital did not continue to pay the wages that they earned the last few weeks.”
 John Gall - “I've been around long enough to know you don't ever expect anything. I leave that stuff to my wife.”

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