My Favorite Quotes
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 Cristina Gallach - “That created a good relationship with the new Ukrainian government at all levels.”
 Cristina Gallach - “We are very disappointed that Iran has not listened to international appeals ... this makes the situation very grave.”
 Christina Gallach - “Solana says those responsible at the local, political and religious level must prevent any repetition of such acts, which can only harm the image of peaceful Islam.”
 Cristina Gallach - “Later on we will evaluate what is the government doing, what the composition of the government is. What we want is to help as much as possible the Palestinian president, the key interlocutor and somebody we have dealt with for a long time.”
 Cristina Gallach - “Both sides of the Taiwan Straits should be looking to build mutual trust, not undermine it.”
 Christina Gallach - “We believe we should wait and see the composition of a new government and the policies of a new government before deciding what relationship to have with the new government.”
 Cristina Gallach - “We will be in wait-and-see mode until the formation of the new Palestinian government. There will be a reaffirmation of our existing principles and I do not expect any alteration of that line.”
 Cristina Gallach - “Uzbekistan is an important country and the E.U. must maintain dialogue and cooperation with it. Inclusion of the president on the list would close the channels of communication and prospects of continued dialogue. However, the list is not closed and could be changed during the coming year. The sanctions will be kept under constant review.”
 Christina Gallach - “He's extremely keen and eager to see the conflict resolved. All the European Union has been asking for some sort of resumption of supplies to happen.”
 Cristina Gallach - “The situation is extremely serious and gives us very great cause for concern.”
 Cristina Gallach - “We will stress the need for continued political and economic reforms and will express concern over democratic principles.”
 Cristina Gallach - “You can see the company in which these guys are.”
 Cristina Gallach - “This person has cancer and treatment should be given.”
 Christina Gallach - “A similar decision by the government coalition would allow the referendum process to begin immediately, under the best auspices and with the full backing of the European Union.”
 Cristina Gallach - “The concept is to be able to help the Palestinian people, to be able to help the Palestinian Authority during this transition period.”
 Cristina Gallach - “Arafat is our interlocutor, as EU leaders said at the Barcelona summit on March 16. He remains our interlocutor and the legitimate authority.”
 Cristina Gallach - “We welcome very much the Arab League conclusions as an opportunity for peace.”
 Christina Gallach - “What we have to ask is that Arab leaders and Arabs themselves, who see the importance of having good relations with Europe and the Western world, come out and speak clearly about the importance of not letting the situation deteriorate to the point that the only one who suffers is moderate Islam.”