My Favorite Quotes
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 Stuart Gallacher - “I believe it's time for a Welsh coach. Foreign coaches naturally have this yearning to go back home and work in their own back yard after a while.”
 Stuart Gallacher - “I feel we win all round with it, both in terms of standards of rugby and financially. It gives players the opportunity to test themselves against the best players on the pitch and revenue-wise it has been excellent for us and one of the major reasons we took the step to play in it.”
 Stuart Gallacher - “All we are asking is to have the same opportunity as the other three teams in the competition. If Wales can't beat Italy without Dwayne Peel then you have to ask questions.”
 Bernard Gallacher - “The great thing about the participants is that they had to genuinely qualify. We held two qualifying events at world class venues and company directors and senior corporate officers had to prove they had what it takes.”
 Bernard Gallacher - “I went three months without picking up a club. It's the worst time of your life and I don't want that again.”