My Favorite Quotes
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 Tim Gallagher - “You're giving up a little in sound and trunk space, and paying a little higher pricing. But it's a more emotional purchase. It gets you out of the mode of taking kids around to soccer games.”
 Tim Gallagher - “Are xBox video games realistic to add to a car Who's to say.”
 Noel Gallagher - “I'm equal part genius, equal part buffoon.”
 Jay Gallagher - “He was a really good kid. It's almost a cliche. He was a big, gentle guy who was a good student, who always tried to do the right thing.”
 Jay Gallagher - “He was always a big kid growing up, but also very kind and gentle.”
 Patrick Gallagher - “He's training real good. When I got him from Leonard Dorfman, he was in good shape and he's trained very well since then.”
 Tom Gallagher - “Charlie Crist is a very nice guy. He's probably one of the nicest guys around and he does a good job of communicating issues ... that are important to his office. I don't think he's ready to be governor.”
 Al Gallagher - “Charles Peterson is a good ball player.”
 Liam Gallagher - “It's a good thing we won, because we were going to thrash the place if we didn't.”
 Dennis Gallagher - “In this age of Enron and a focus on increased accountability demanded by the public, particularly as related to government, for Denver not to have such an ordinance is intolerable.”
 Michael Gallagher - “The United States Government intends to preserve the security and stability of the Internet's Domain Name and Addressing System,”
 Stephen Gallagher - “Investors maintain a healthy economic growth outlook, but now with lower inflation and interest rate risks.”
 Jim Gallagher - “It's the greatest area of growth as far as a revenue stream.”
 Stephen Gallagher - “The inflationary implications drawn from the combination of exceptional growth and higher inflation could become more ominous when we incorporate the tightening labor market trends.”
 Paul Gallagher - “It's a steady growth market. It's also a fragmented market.”
 Dan Gallagher - “The Victor Valley is growing faster then the Las Vegas area right now. It is the new homes that are paying for all this growth it is not the existing users.”
 Joseph Gallagher - “They'd have to cut my head off to keep me from going,”
 Brian Gallagher - “It went back and forth. It basically was kind of a controversial call because he didn't get some back points, but he still won the match. He wrestled his heart out, he really did.”
 Stephen Gallagher - “Retailers have no pricing power themselves, as evidenced by all the discounts they had to offer to generate holiday sales. In terms of volume, they succeeded, but not at the level of profitability they would have liked.”
 Rick Gallagher - “We're predicting that sales are going to be up about 4 percent this year, and that is a little bit on the low side. That compares to about 5 percent last year. But clearly, we are looking for a decent holiday season.”
 Kathryn Gallagher - “The timing is perfect because spring and summer for us is like the holiday season for other retailers. When the sun comes out, that's when you build your deck or paint your house.”
 Bill Gallagher - “Our kids really got something out of that game, which we hope will help us out down the road for the playoffs.”
 Dennis Gallagher - “I would much rather see the condos built than see nothing happen there. A hotel would have been nice, but you move on.”
 Steve Gallagher - “We are not too sure where the oil prices are going to stop and we don't have a good idea how long they are going to remain at these types of levels.”
 Peter Gallagher - “I had no idea I listened to Memphis soul as a kid,”

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