My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Gallagher - “My family were broadminded enough to support me when I wanted to pursue a life in the theatre.”
 Peter Gallagher - “My eyebrows make a more profound impact on other people than they do on me. I just let 'em grow.”
 Peter Gallagher - “It never occurred to me that you might sing or act for a living. I was thinking about becoming a fireman or businessman like my dad.”
 Peter Gallagher - “In an attempt to amuse my friends and family, I would do impressions of Dean Martin, singing Everybody Loves Somebody. I secretly really enjoyed singing the song.”
 Peter Gallagher - “I was about to get a degree in economics when I accepted that I'd be a lousy businessman, and if I didn't give acting a try I'd regret it for the rest of my life.”
 Peter Gallagher - “I made my Broadway debut in the revival of Hair and followed it up with the bus and truck tour of Grease.”
 Peter Gallagher - “I feel like I won the Lotto, as far as that show's concerned.”
 Peter Gallagher - “I always go back to theatre. It's probably where I'll draw my last breath.”
 Peter Gallagher - “By year three, you get nicer, bigger trailers.”
 David Gallagher - “Getting recognized and all that is cool.”
 David Gallagher - “I wish I could go to the school where my close friends go, but I obviously can't. The good thing is, they're really good about inviting me to all the football games and all that stuff. So I end up having an adopted team spirit for a school I don't go to.”
 Noel Gallagher - “I'm not like John Lennon, who thought he was the great Almighty. I just think I'm John Lennon.”
 Peter Gallagher - “It was exactly the same injury. I thought of it right away,”
 Paul Gallagher - “I thought you were supposed to be flying this thing, not pleasuring it.”
 Peter Gallagher - “Through every moment on stage for the first time, I felt like I was finally right where I belonged.”
 Peter Gallagher - “I was probably 11 by the time I saw a movie.”
 Brett Gallagher - “This is a market that has no confidence. Corporate confidence is shot, confidence in earnings is shot, and confidence in Wall Street analysts is gone. Only time is going to heal that.”
 Brett Gallagher - “I think the market is just biding its time, and we're going to have these back-and-forth days.”
 Brett Gallagher - “It's the wildest market I've seen in some time,”
 Brett Gallagher - “It's unlikely the market would get a boost from that kind of a result. This time we have such a good outcome priced in that I don't think we'll have a huge rally once this is over.”
 Jay Gallagher - “The family is having a hard time. It's the hardest thing I've ever seen anybody go through.”
 James Gallagher - “This started back on Jan. 19. I have been having to stay with the girls all the time, Rhoda would be no match for them (Harris') alone.”
 Jack Gallagher - “It takes time to turn around an operation this large. But the reality is, Delta has to turn around its financial performance very soon and very dramatically if it is to survive.”
 Jack Gallagher - “While our scheduled time frame to reverse the comparable-store sales decline at the Speedy locations proved overly optimistic, since September we have made considerable progress in improving their performance.”
 Susan Gallagher - “We've held off (increases) a long, long time. We need to invest to maintain and continue reliable delivery systems and it's very difficult to continue with the current rates.”

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