My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Gallerani - “Except for a four-minute stretch to start the third quarter we played exceptionally well. It was our best defensive effort and we were under control on offense.”
 Chris Gallerani - “If we can take care of business, we'll be part of the mix. Windham is very athletic and has the best wing player in the Medium in Jovan Williams. Most people picked Windham and Waterford as the teams to beat, but we want to be part of the discussion.”
 Chris Gallerani - “I'm surprised at how efficient Kevin is playing as a sophomore. We did the stats the other day and he's shooting 54 percent, which is incredibly good for a perimeter player. His AAU experienced has definitely helped. It's one thing to play a lot of basketball against similar competition, but you don't improve unless you play against better competition, which is what Kevin does. He earns every bit of what he gets.”