My Favorite Quotes
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 Adriano Galliani - “We could not give Barcelona a one-day advantage.”
 Adriano Galliani - “He is certainly a good player, but it is far too expensive to shop in Lyon.”
 Adriano Galliani - “It's a day to remember. It seems to me (to be) the natural continuation, after much thought.”
 Adriano Galliani - “The tradition goes on,”
 Adriano Galliani - “We don't sell our jewels. We haven't received any offers for Andrei Shevchenko and, in any case, we would refuse them. Andrei will stay with us for many more years to come.”
 Adriano Galliani - “We have come from three years of being competitive at the highest levels, often winning during that period. We simply need to remember that fact while staying united and compact.”
 Adriano Galliani - “We have only the Champions League in mind and we are focusing exclusively on Barcelona.”
 Adriano Galliani - “He's a really great player for which we have a great respect and a love. He's a world star and at the end of the season he will decide what he wants to do. He will find doors open to all the world's teams, Milan too.”
 Adriano Galliani - “I took the decision because I was convinced that it was impossible to play.”
 Adriano Galliani - “has a contract until 2007, but I'd like to negotiate for another year. We'll retire his Number 3 jersey when he retires, but keep it in storage for when his son grows up.”
 Adriano Galliani - “Bayern and Chelsea were the two teams we hoped to avoid. Unfortunately we were drawn with one of the two. We have not been lucky with the draw. Bayern is one of the top European clubs, and it's a pity that one of the two sides must be knocked out early in the competition.”
 Adriano Galliani - “But every club will also be able to count on four additional players from their youth systems and an unlimited number of under-21 players.”
 Adriano Galliani - “I was contacted by the Spanish club, but in these five years he has brought us to first place in the UEFA rankings and it's only right that he stays with us.”
 Adriano Galliani - “In these five years with Carlo, we have become the top club in Europe. He is a coach who is absolutely at our level, he has done well and will do well.”
 Adriano Galliani - “He is relaxed and has the total faith and confidence of the entire club behind him,”
 Adriano Galliani - “After three League games, we have the same number of points as last year even if we have played two away games this time round, ... As we got back on the right track last season, including making up an eight-point gap in a few games, we just need to stay calm.”
 Adriano Galliani - “It really pleases me to come back to Italy. We are very, very close to ratifying everything in the agreement with Milan but I will be delighted to talk when everything is sorted out,”
 Adriano Galliani - “Gallas still has one year left in his contract with his club. All I can say is we like French players because they are able to adapt better to our football than the rest of the Europeans.”
 Adriano Galliani - “If they don't, we will officially ask action because we want justice ... and that the cup is awarded to AC Milan if certain facts are proven.”