My Favorite Quotes
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 Mario Gallucci - “He said that it was a tragedy that he did not deserve receiving.”
 Mario Gallucci - “It's a tragedy. There were no winners here.”
 Mario Gallucci - “Nothing wrong with it at all. It's the standard fee set by the American Association of Tissue Banks. My client has nothing to hide.”
 Mario Gallucci - “We absolutely, vehemently deny the charges. He was not doing anything illegal or wrong when he harvested.”
 Mario Gallucci - “If you're told by the funeral home that it's a 45-year-old woman and you show up and she's 90 years old, there's a problem.”
 Mario Gallucci - “He feels sorry for these people, that they're living this nightmare. But he also knows they were sterilized. If they weren't, then that was the fault of the distributors who were sterilizing the tissue and cleaning it.”
 Robert Gallucci - “If we do this deal, ask how we will avoid offering a similar one to Brazil or Argentina if they decide on nuclear weapons acquisition, or our treaty ally South Korea.”
 Mario Gallucci - “If you had half of your face whacked off in an accident, and you lost your jaw and your nose, he'd put you back together.”
 Robert Gallucci - “There is no other country on Earth that I know of that is exporting ballistic missiles the way North Korea is. They've cornered the market.”
 Mario Gallucci - “He's a family man, he works, he goes home, and from what I know, he's not a social butterfly.”
 Mario Gallucci - “It's 500 to use the funeral home, 250 for a body delivery, and another 250 to dispose of the body, to get it ready after the tissue is recovered.”
 Robert Gallucci - “I think we achieved the agreement in '94 because the North Koreans decided they needed to be more flexible and give up that nuclear weapons program. And that was a result, partially, of their condition.”