My Favorite Quotes
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 Isa Gambar - “I know that in any case, today is the beginning of a drastic democratic transformation.”
 Isa Gambar - “We don't want to give the authorities any excuse for violence.”
 Isa Gambar - “We want the election to be canceled and a new vote to be held.”
 Isa Gambar - “We have learned many important lessons from our Georgian colleagues and our Ukrainian colleagues. We are studying very closely their method for coming to power peacefully, and trying to follow their example.”
 Isa Gambar - “We live in a regime built on force and lies. In essence, it's the same here as in Uzbekistan, except the government here is better at presenting itself to the outside world.”
 Isa Gambar - “Western companies have invested billions of dollars, so of course they are interested in stability. But I think the international community has also understood that democracy is not only a slogan, but a guarantee of security and stability.”
 Isa Gambar - “Our reaction will be based on a realistic analysis.”