My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Gambardella - “They traded their houses for the big house.”
 Gary Gambardella - “She needs to go to jail, for her own punishment and to deter others.”
 Gary Gambardella - “Society is better off with handcuffs around Hopkins wrists rather than a stolen ring around his girlfriends finger. Hopkins is a felon, a thief and a cad.”
 Gary Gambardella - “Instead of a fiance and a wife, Hopkins gets a warden and a parole officer.”
 Gary Gambardella - “Look, I'm wrong sometimes. This is one of the times I hope I am.”
 Gary Gambardella - “That's one lock he won't be able to pick for ten years. (referring to a lock-picking house burglar who received ten to 20 years in prison, as reported in Reader's Digest, February 1996.)”
 Michael Gambardella - “We are upgrading Alcoa to overweight from neutral and raising our 2006 EPS estimate to 2.15 from 1.88 because the market seems to be ignoring the strong aluminum price and the impact it will have on Alcoa's earnings and cash flow in 2006.”
 Gary Gambardella - “He didn't commit these crimes for any of the usual reasons we hear, like needing money to support a drug habit. He did this because he wanted to be a big man in the neighborhood. Well, now he can be a big man in the state prison system.”
 Gary Gambardella - “We want to make sure he never sees the light of day.”
 Gary Gambardella - “I have unmatched experience, integrity, dedication, toughness and aggressiveness. I'll bring to the job a background of experience that no one in this county can match, either Republican or Democrat.”
 Gary Gambardella - “The wrong decision in this case could be a fatal one.”
 Gary Gambardella - “The heinous nature of the crime. The cover-up afterwards. The denial. They were all, to me, earmarks of someone who was acting as an adult.”
 Gary Gambardella - “Winners never cheat and cheaters never win...but sometimes they find themselves in court pleading guilty.”
 Michael Gambardella - “Control of all three of these projects under one management team should lead to a more rational market.”
 Gary Gambardella - “She's dangerous. Shes guilty of terrorizing a school community, terrorizing students. If she wants to do that, let her be a teacher for the Taliban.”
 Michael Gambardella - “We believe that demand for steel will remain healthy through 2006 as inventory levels remain low and steel imports have not been price disruptive. Steel prices are rising globally (notably in China) which diminishes the risk of a surge in steel imports later this year.”
 Gary Gambardella - “They were not Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, they were stealing from children and giving to themselves.”
 Gary Gambardella - “Taking Mr. Durkin off the steets puts a Grand Canyon-sized hole in the local drug business.”
 Gary Gambardella - “The bridge was destroyed. These six young men took it upon themselves to take a beautiful Bucks County bridge and turn into ashes.”
 Gary Gambardella - “His parole officer hasn't been born yet.”
 Michael Gambardella - “We believe that Alcoa's earnings will begin to reflect the strong aluminum price beginning with its 1Q 2006 earnings - particularly since several of the headwinds that affected Alcoa over the last two years, whether it be input costs or foreign currency, have stabilized.”
 Michael Gambardella - “The balance sheet of all these companies to put it mildly, have gone through a cleansing.”