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 Bob Gammage - “We don't need a state government run from yachts. I will make policy in the state Capitol, not in the Bahamas.”
 Grady Gammage - “For some reason, he's (upset) at us. He's just trying to reach out and disrupt the growth of the Valley.”
 Brian Gammage - “Then the risk is that they will have to sell the product at a discount. This industry already faces serious challenges, is under continuous pressure on prices and margins.”
 Bob Gammage - “No one should be able to peddle your private information for a profit without your express permission. Giving out this information to anyone who can pay the fee is a license to arm stalkers, criminals and identity thieves.”
 Bob Gammage - “Today, unfortunately, our state government has come full circle. Once again we desperately need the people of Texas to take over their state government.”
 Bob Gammage - “I say we put everything on the table first and then see what revenue streams we need. If an income tax is part of the new formula, then we put it before the people. People in this state often vote to tax themselves, through school bonds, so we should put it before them.”
 Bob Gammage - “The illegal immigration exists because folks on the other side of the border are willing to come here and work hard for substandard wages.”
 Bob Gammage - “Rick Perry is a weak governor with a record of failure on the issues important to Texas.”
 Brian Gammage - “If it were to be obliged to offer versions both with and without Media Player, then that would mean we would probably have double the number of consumer PC configuration in our shops. Of course this is product that is built before it is sold.”
 Grady Gammage - “You are far enough behind Phoenix that you need to ask yourself if raw population growth is the measure of success.”
 Bob Gammage - “There's no rationale basis for the quality of any child's education to depend on wealth of property in districts where they live. It's the responsibility of state to fund public education.”
 Bob Gammage - “Let's put the wealth of the state as a whole on the table. Let's put every conceivable source of revenue on the table and forge a plan where every person in Texas pays their fair share.”
 Bob Gammage - “If Carole Four Names can take 20 percent or even 14-15 percent from Perry, the Democrat will win.”
 Bob Gammage - “In an ideal world, the governor of Texas should denounce the shenanigans of Tom DeLay and his twisted, unethical schemes. But Rick Perry is too weak and too dependent on the wealthy, powerful and ruthless special interests that both he and DeLay work for.”
 Brian Gammage - “Dell is trying to change the culture of the market by changing the structure of PC selling. It is going directly to the customer or small businesses or allowing them to order over the phone or via the Internet, which it is benefiting from.”
 Brian Gammage - “Dell is saving itself some money. Warranty is difficult to quantify because it depends on how much the customer uses it, but there is a warranty cost,”
 Grady Gammage - “The worst case scenario is for both plans to go on the ballot and confuse voters so nothing gets done again.”
 Brian Gammage - “IBM is taking the high ground and sitting it out while other companies slug it out. There is no company in a better position to do this.”
 Bob Gammage - “The question as we saw it at the time was not whether a woman should have the right to choose but who should pay once that choice was made. Today, I wouldn't vote that way.”
 Bob Gammage - “Call it good neighbor, call it good Samaritan, call it good sense, call it human compassion, call it self-service, because if you invest in those children, they're going to grow up and become good productive residents.”
 Bob Gammage - “Getting rid of the incompetence at the top. We're never going to address the school finance problems, health care issues, in any meaningful way if we don't change the leadership.”
 Bob Gammage - “The reason I became a candidate is because nobody was delivering the message of what the Democratic party was about. Nobody was out there delivering the message with any fire.”
 Bob Gammage - “This campaign is about reform.”
 Bob Gammage - “This campaign is about reform. It is about opening state policy-making to public scrutiny. It is about restoring the public trust.”
 Bob Gammage - “General Clark is a great American, great leader, great Democrat and an even better friend. I'm proud to have him by my side on the trail and know that it will be a great boost to our campaign to build better schools, expand access to affordable health care, clean up our environment and restore integrity to Texas government.”

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