My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Egan - “I think it's going to be where the future is.”
 Michael Janigan - “Those that simply get local telephone service and only want local telephone service won't be subsidizing the discounts for people to obtain all kinds of different bundle services in the future.”
 Art Hogan - “Just because Oracle is up and is optimistic about the future is not getting us excited about everything, ... Nobody's convinced there will be a rebound in the second half.”
 Chris Morgan - “We will do all we can to win now, ... And we've got a bright future.”
 Art Hogan - “I think that we just ran out of steam after a couple of hours. I am glad that we held on our gains from Friday. Oil will continue to be a driver, earnings will be a driver, and so will economics.”
 Art Hogan - “The larger trend remains to the upside, but its hard to say whether we'll see gains in the short-term,”
 Gary Dugan - “Over the last couple of months the market has done relatively well and is now pausing to consolidate the gains.”
 Nancy Morgan - “A steady erosion of previously expected gains in per capita poultry consumption will likely push down global poultry consumption in 2006, currently estimated at 81.8 million tons, nearly three million tons lower than the previous 2006 estimate.”
 Nancy Morgan - “A steady erosion of previously expected gains in per caput poultry consumption will likely push down global poultry consumption in 2006, currently estimated at 81.8 million tons, nearly 3 million tons lower than the previous 2006 estimate of 84.6 million tons.”
 Art Hogan - “If the high levels of employment aren't kept up with the high levels of productivity gains that we have been making, (the Fed) will probably need to do something pro-active and that would probably mean 25 basis points now and then something in the first quarter of next year.”
 Abyee Maracigan - “It's fun to go out there and prove that we can take the tough games.”
 Scott Gilligan - “It's tough to win ball games when you give the other team that many opportunities.”
 Kevin Corrigan - “They're a very good team. They haven't gotten a lot of wins thus far, but they haven't not been in any games this year. We've seen video of their games this year, and they've played very good games and stayed right with their opponents.”
 George Gregan - “The big standout with the 2005 team is they're able to close out games under pressure. They held their composure and their nerve and turned what was a tight test match in their favour,”
 Dan Morgan - “No, not at all, ... I just didn't feel good after them, and just sat out some games. I'm not worried about it at all. I think a lot of it gets blown out of proportion more than what it really is. ... There are guys in the NFL who have had way more concussions than me, so I'm not worried about it.”
 Tom Nelligan - “He certainly has the talent. There was a handful of games this season where he's sparked us.”
 Brian Deegan - “(When) the X Games happened, it was on.”
 Wayne Morgan - “If we can sustain and win some games, we're right back in the conference race.”
 Quincy Morgan - “I know these guys win games and what kind of team this is, ... This is a team a lot of teams in the league are scared of, so why not Pittsburgh”
 James Logan - “This team wasn't supposed to win all of these games, ... But we stayed positive and got it done.”
 Jeff Dungan - “If you're a person who would like to have a little herb garden, it's perfect.”
 Jim Duggan - “It's sculpture in the form of a garden that aspires to be art.”
 Bruce Tulgan - “It's not just Generation X.”
 Peggy Corrigan - “My husband got a call from the head of the local officials' association. There was also a lot of support from some gentlemen who were coaches when I officiated and were friends of ours.”
 Matt Hogan - “I think she's improving every day. She's there every day, pushing herself, working hard. The quality of work she puts in during practice is amazing. She's phenomenal. And she's not a big girl. She's small, but much stronger than last year. I can't think of an occasion where she's backed down from anything.”

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