My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Gandin - “We did not box out well late in the game and we made a few other little mistakes. Other than that, I thought we played them well tonight. It was a seesaw game for the most part.”
 Dan Gandin - “This isn't the first time (Shapiro) has hit some clutch free-throws. He hit two equally as big shots only a couple of games ago.”
 Dan Gandin - “They got more confidence as time went on and on. The more we let them stick around the worse it was.”
 Dan Gandin - “He was a fabulous player. He was totally unselfish. Definitely one of the best players in the state. He was fun to play against and watch.”
 Dan Gandin - “I'm really happy with what I'm seeing with my guys. They're hitting the boards hard, and moving the ball. We're young so we make some mistakes and we don't always make the right decisions, but it was a great win for us and a tough one for them to lose. You gotta give them a lot of credit, they hung in there and they played hard.”