My Favorite Quotes
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 Markus Gandler - “They were scared of Italian law and they preferred to leave because something was confiscated, only from them and not from the others, and they were worried it may have been illegal.”
 Mark Gandler - “At that time a long-term deal was not in the cards, It's really up to them if they want to start talking.”
 Mark Gandler - “The process got under way today. How long it will take, who knows I don't think it will be dragged out too long. There are no guarantees what will happen. It's not a completely predictable process, but both sides know approximately where the other is.”
 Markus Gandler - “I just don't understand what is going on here. We have nothing to do with Walter Mayer.”
 Markus Gandler - “I haven't had much contact with Mayer. I don't know what he has done wrong now or why he shouldn't come here to visit.”
 Markus Gandler - “This place was searched yesterday. Nothing was found.”
 Markus Gandler - “It is important to say these people are innocent. Two fair medal chances have been taken away from the Austrian team.”
 Mark Gandler - “The reality is that the better he does, the higher his price is. So you're constantly late. At some point, you have to make a leap of faith.”
 Mark Gandler - “His value is clear. People know what he can do for the team.”
 Markus Gandler - “This has nothing to do with the (National Olympic Committee) or the (Austrian Skiing Federation), this was rented for private citizen.”
 Mark Gandler - “We probably won't have a choice. Jokinen wanted to get it done just to get it out of the way, but now that he knows things are going very, very slow, he's going to accept it and just focus on making the playoffs and making sure this season means something for the Panthers.”