My Favorite Quotes
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 Cao Gangchuan - “That is, indeed, the true budget we have today,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “strengthen unity, boost communication, and support and work with each other.”
 Cao Gangchuan - “The bilateral relationship has entered a stage of comprehensive, in-depth and rapid development over the past few years”
 Cao Gangchuan - “It is simply impossible for us to massively increase the investment in defense capabilities,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “It is not necessary or even possible for us to massively increase the defense budget,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “The bilateral cooperation in various fields has been fruitful ever since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1960,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “The relations between our two countries are progressing well. We need to join hands and work hard to make Sino-US military ties consistent with state-to-state relations,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “It not only promotes the common development of the two countries, but also sets a good example of friendly cooperation between two big nations of different social systems and creates a new mode of bilateral and multilateral cooperation,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “China is ready to work with Russian and other countries to safeguard world peace and stability, to build a harmonious world of common prosperity, and become a major constructive force for a new international order,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “China holds a positive attitude toward the development of Sino-US military relations,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “Through the exercises, the two armed forces... improved their capabilities to meet new challenges and threats and to fight international terrorism, extremism and separatism,”
 Cao Gangchuan - “Enhancing military relations between the two armed forces is conducive to further improvement of bilateral ties,”