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 Sourav Ganguly - “You are anxious before every game because you had to win it. If you didn't you went down the ladder. I felt proud of the way we beat some teams in tough games.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “We need to win well. We haven't played well in our last five or six one-day games,”
 Sourav Ganguly - “We have a lot of cricket coming up against Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies and England. That's going to be tough, so I think it's good that he's taking a break now and he can come back completely healed.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “I will keep playing domestic cricket. I feel I am good enough to get back into the Indian team, and playing domestic cricket is the only way out. So I will keep playing.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “He has been a good support whenever I met him. I respect him a lot, as also other members of the BCCI.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “I am trying to get into shape for the season. I hope to be fit for the Sri Lanka series.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “We batted better and it should improve further as the tournament goes on,”
 Saurav Ganguly - “I thought we played well and to beat them by an innings was great,”
 Sourav Ganguly - “I don't think these are hard times for me. You get dropped ... Its happens ... And then you get taken in again.”
 Saurav Ganguly - “Our record in finals is an issue we're trying to forget about and tomorrow is a new start,”
 Sourav Ganguly - “World Cup 2007 is my goal and I believe that I have enough cricket left in me.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “We played superbly. We kept saying that we can qualify for the final of the World Cup if we fight till the last. Regardless of the result, we have played like champions.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “It the World Cup is a pressure tournament, and you have to deliver. I think we have lived up to the challenge.”
 Saurav Ganguly - “There is enormous talent. Even top sides like India needed a few years. They need to be patient instead of chopping and changing players.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “We won for the first time in Harare, but you have to remember the previous Zimbabwe here consisted of people like Andy and Grant Flower, Ray Price and others,”
 Sourav Ganguly - “Whether people agree or not, a captain is under more pressure and that is the reason he is selected before everybody else and given time,”
 Sourav Ganguly - “Winning the series2-0 against Zimbabwe itself was a gain. It was tough for us simply because it was a no-win situation. If you win, the critics say that the opposition was weak. If you lose, they rubbish you on all fronts. It is just not easy to please the critics.”
 Saurav Ganguly - “We played well even though the results were quite expected. I thought the seamers bowled particularly well. But we have a lot of cricket coming up against better opposition, so we need to wait and see whether there are any question marks against us.”
 Saurav Ganguly - “He has been encouraging everyone to develop their own rationale. It's just not six-hat theory and all. I find it amazing when I read that he is stifling to others because my observation was exactly the opposite.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “There are some low moments in every player's career, but that should not mean I would lock myself in and brood.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “The selection rules are the same for everybody. I am trying to make a comeback just like some other players who got dropped after the Pakistan tour. I hope my time will come.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “Only time will tell. It's not right for me to make a statement now.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “I batted well in both the innings and have played well over the last four-five months. I hope to do well in Pakistan if my present form continues, backed by a bit of luck.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “I am playing well at the moment and I will continue to play.”
 Sourav Ganguly - “I need to play matches and get runs. I have to work on getting my form back and I won't get it back by sitting at home.”

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