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 Bob Gansler - “We're looking for him to put it all together. For sure he's gifted enough in many areas of the game but he also has work to do.”
 Bob Gansler - “We came here to win, ... I pointed out to the guys before that we'd won everywhere (in MLS) but here. It was there. Maybe at the end of the day, it was a just result. But it's hard to give up two goals on restarts.”
 Bob Gansler - “We're not frustrated, but we're not elated either. We scored the first goal, we scored the second goal after they tied it up, so we feel good about that. We don't feel good about giving up two goals off restarts.”
 Bob Gansler - “I thought we came out attacking and shutting them down, trying not to give them the confidence that they would have to be looking for on the road.”
 Bob Gansler - “When they come in here it's time to sharpen things and it's time to be able to deal with things collectively.”
 Bob Gansler - “We have known about Tyson for quite some time. He was raised in the Irvine Strikers system under a former player of mine who swears by him. We have watched him in the NCAA quarterfinals, the combine and when he was in the residency program. He is a strong central defender, strong with the ball and left footed.”
 Bob Gansler - “The goal that Gomez got, that's the first time anybody's got a goal on us over the run of play in the last four games.”
 Bob Gansler - “You never have a enough possession for a coach. You just don't want the other guys to have it. But we're getting better at that. I think we had it for longer periods of time and there were more quality sequences than we had in Houston (one week earlier), for example.”
 Bob Gansler - “When the good Lord was handing out the physical traits in terms of quickness, agility, speed and coordination, he was at the front of the line and maybe he went in line a couple of times for some of them. But he knows how to use it. For a young man of 21 he's got a pretty decent set of technical skills. He can score with either foot. He can score in the air.”
 Bob Gansler - “You look at us and all that riding time on the ball and you've got to have more results. I thought we had more opportunities today than they did. That's a positive. Games aren't always won by tactical and technical things, they are sometimes won by hard work. They got the better of us in that way.”
 Bob Gansler - “I am glad the guys showed class and spunk in coming back. Say a prayer that it is enough tomorrow.”
 Bob Gansler - “I am glad the guys showed class and spunk in coming back, ... Say a prayer that it is enough tomorrow.”
 Bob Gansler - “I thought it was a good excursion to Germany. I think we got a lot of things done both on the field and on field. As far as the all of us are concerned, I think we are ready to go tomorrow.”
 Bob Gansler - “This is a difficult game to play for 90-plus minutes when you have a weekend in between. For sure it's a hell of a thing to do when you've got 48 hours. We also need to understand, and I think they do, we need to come out of the chute a little quicker, a little sharper, and get that first goal,”
 Bob Gansler - “Bo had a pretty good year last year. We felt all year long that Will was ready to play and we still feel the same way. So if you are asking me who is going to start on April 1, please come and watch.”
 Bob Gansler - “He has been magnificent since the All-Star break, and especially on the road. The guys around him are running off him very well. My favorite word for him is the catalyst. He makes everyone else around him better, and we are going to ride that pony as long as we can.”
 Bob Gansler - “They are legitimate favorites in their conference and in the league. Having said that, we've played them well over the years whether it's been at their place or here. We're looking forward to that test.”
 Bob Gansler - “Every game is there to be won. This is our first opportunity. We'll be keen and I'm sure Columbus will be keen. So we'll want to win the first one, the second one and the 16th one.”
 Bob Gansler - “We obviously had the opportunity to see Will. I think we saw Will his whole high school career and some sessions when he would come out and work with us. From day one he impresses you. He is, technically, a very gifted individual.”
 Bob Gansler - “I've been in America for 50 years. The mother tongue is in German, but I trust I speak English better than I speak German, although I've kept up the German pretty well.”
 Bob Gansler - “The only fly in the ointment was that goal in the first half in one of their infrequent trips (in the Wizards' defensive end). There were a couple of decisions we needed to make better. Then we got a little apprehensive after that. We were teetering a little bit. Two-zero leads in the recent past haven't been good to us.”
 Jacques Gansler - “In the overwhelming majority of cases, using commercial buying practices and buying commercial items has paid huge dividends in savings, responsiveness and quality.”
 Bob Gansler - “We came here. We attacked. The better team doesn't always win. We were not the lesser team last week. We were not the lesser team this week. I'm always a realistic optimist. We are as good as anyone in this league when we perform like we know we can.”
 Bob Gansler - “I like our depth this season. There are some guys who didn't even get off the bench (against FC Dallas) who I could see challenging for a starting spot in June. We got a half-dozen quality guys out of the draft.”
 Bob Gansler - “Without a doubt. They know what the standards are. The young players coming in, they are guessing.”

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