My Favorite Quotes
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 Sergio Garcia - “The day was quiet, there was logical profit-taking after the gains posted during the prior session.”
 Renaldo Garcia - “We don't win games in warm-ups. We don't look like an intimidating team.”
 Reynaldo Garcia - “The kids played well against Chamberlain. That was one of the best games we played all year.”
 Reynaldo Garcia - “We played pretty consistently during the regular season. All the games in district were very close and competitive. It's going to be interesting to see who makes it out.”
 Carmen Garcia - “They are very trusting and willing to give personal information to anybody.”
 Luis Garcia - “Its their money. We want to give it back to them before the clock runs out.”
 Jeff Garcia - “I feel like if I'm not in a position to help this team, then I will definitely be honest with Coach and step up and say, 'I'm not the guy to use this weekend. Give me another week,'”
 Irma Garcia - “They said they really wanted to become a part of the rally and they would like me to give them the day off to enjoy the march.”
 Johnny Garcia - “She really is my financial advisor. If it was up to me, I'd give away everything.”
 Miguel Garcia - “By our hard work, we pay the price for the life we wish to have here. And remember the ones who give up. They are the losers. That is the reason we must never give up.”
 Tony Garcia - “It's a significant step forward, and hopefully it will give you the boost to enlarge membership.”
 Irving Garcia - “Getting to state was the greatest thing. As long as the team had goals, it didn't matter if it was me.”
 Jose Garcia - “I was pleased, but we could have been better. We missed a lot of goals.”
 Erica Garcia - “It goes without saying, ... But they have goals and winning district is the first one.”
 Sergio Garcia - “Tough conditions and a Sunday on a difficult golf course, where the greens were just right on the limit - I think he played awesome.”
 Sergio Garcia - “He shot 67 in tough conditions and on a difficult golf course. He played awesome.”
 Sergio Garcia - “He is playing unbelievable golf but when you are in contention every week it takes it out of you and he has to think about the whole team,”
 Rick Garcia - “I found her to be just a really good commission member and embody what the commission is all about.”
 Sergio Garcia - “That's the one thing Tiger is good at Even when his game is not spot-on, you know that he can get in the hole and get around. That's what you need around here and I feel like I'm starting to get around that.”
 Sergio Garcia - “A lot of investors were taking advantage of good prices, and a lot of investors stayed on the sidelines.”
 Sergio Garcia - “It is good enough. The way we played it, there are a lot of long-iron shots, the greens have a lot of slope to them, so it is definitely a pretty good test.”
 Sergio Garcia - “We're looking forward to seeing it settle down and getting started. I think that it's looking really good.”
 Sergio Garcia - “My game is pretty good and that's the most important thing. I had a great week last week, so I don't regret going there.”
 Sergio Garcia - “My good shots seemed to be bad and my bad shots were bad. So, you know, it all adds up nicely.”
 Sergio Garcia - “Just haven't played well. I guess a bit of everything. Sunday my good shots seem to be bad and my bad shots are bad. It all adds up nicely. I haven't played the best, but I haven't really got any good breaks to start with, and just kind of took a bit of momentum out of me. And it's pretty much been happening every single last round.”

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