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 Ron Gardenhire - “Baker threw the ball great. He pitched very well in some big games.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “So far, we haven't come out swinging like we hoped we would. We just haven't clicked on the ball offensively yet enough to win games.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “We're going to do whatever we can to try to win games. So pride can go out the window.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “Being on the bench for these games won't help them get ready for season. We are thin at the infield spots, so we are very happy to have these guys stay here.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “It wasn't pretty, but the bottom line is you've got to start winning games. It doesn't matter how you do it.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “He looked like he was on a mission. He wasn't going to give us anything.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “Oh my, ... If you're going to give up a homer, you might as well give it up like that. That was a long one. The fan couldn't even throw it back on the field.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “We're just going to give him the ball like we always have.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “He wants to play. But I'm just going to give him a day break.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “We just got here, give it a day.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “You like to give them a month into the season to see what happens.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “But if guys aren't even close, you've got to start looking at maybe making changes. You definitely like to give them at least a month into the season and see where we're at.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “He can give us a little injection by going in there and doing what he does best.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “I personally think he handles himself good when he's out there. He's a little more relaxed. Third base is a hot spot. He handled it fine, he did fine, but I think he handles playing out there a lot better.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “You don't think too many performances could top what Santana was throwing, but watching Nathan go out there and strike out the side with the bases loaded was pretty good, too.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “He's a good ballplayer. When he's healthy, defensively he's all over the field. All we can hope for is he's rusty.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “This was a good win for us. To come out and score some runs and get a lead, we haven't done that very often. It was fun. The guys got to run the bases.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “He was ready. He stepped into a good situation. It was fun to see.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “It didn't feel good, so that's a little scary. A groin muscle can last who knows how many days. He's one of the guys we count on off the bench to pinch-run, and that is our speed guy off the bench. We don't really have much off the bench as speed guys go, besides him.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “It didn't look good. He could barely walk and he told me the brace really bothered him. You never knew if he was going to wear that brace all the timeor if he was going to get out of it. He was killing the ball at the plate, but he could hardly get to first base.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “This year he's been very, very solid. As good as they get in this league. We haven't exactly scored a lot of runs. We know that. But he's backed it up.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “I don't have to have a lefty. If one of these guys comes in and proves he can do the job, then good, that's a bonus.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “He threw as good as we were expecting and hoping he'd throw, ... He was throwing the fastball, using the fastball, locating the fastball and working off of that. Once he does that, his slider and changeup are unbelievable.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “(We're) facing a hot team that's got everything going for them. And we're not really locating the ball as good as we can. That's what it comes down to.”
 Ron Gardenhire - “We had good at-bats from the sixth inning on. We really pushed the issue, kept battling and got a lot of two-out hits.”

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