My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Gardocki - “I'm glad it's over it's a long season. It was definitely well worth it, but now it's time to rest and spend time with my family.”
 Chris Gardocki - “That was a fun year, but all my years (in Indianapolis) were great. It's a great organization and I still love the town.”
 Chris Gardocki - “Yes, our long snapper is a rookie and I've been playing for 15 years and you never know when it is going to come or if it is going to ever happen. The ball has to bounce your way a lot of times, so I tell him to relish it and enjoy it because it really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”
 Chris Gardocki - “He's one of the best. If it comes down to it, he'll make it.”
 Chris Gardocki - “He was close, ... The biggest thing is when they come up the middle. When they come from the outside, it's tougher to block. But Peek came up the middle. We still had time to get it out of there, but it was obviously too close for comfort.”