My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Garey - “We've come up short so many times. But it was unbelievable feeling today to see that clock tick down and he's Seitz got the ball in his hands and we knew it was over. It was the greatest feeling.”
 Jason Garey - “I never really dreamed this would happen five years ago.”
 Jason Garey - “The last three years we've been disappointed at this moment. We've been packing up the bus to go home. It feels good to stay here and play Sunday.”
 Jason Garey - “I never really dreamed this would happen five years ago. I knew I was going to go somewhere eventually, so, I was just looking forward to getting in a good situation, which I think I'm in Columbus.”
 Jason Garey - “I just remember being in shock. You just get really nervous, just like any other person would. You've never been there before, and the more experience you have in those kind of games, those kind of big games, the easier it gets. Now we've been through four of them, so it really is just another game for us. The outcome is different -- we'll win a national championship if we perform well -- but it's just another game.”
 Jason Garey - “It's a big jump. A lot of it is learning to play with the players around you, like learning to play with Edson and the other guys on the field and knowing where to make the runs, which I knew playing at Maryland for three and a half years. I knew everyone and I knew where they were going to go. It's just kind of getting into that and also the speed of the game is a lot faster, so I'm trying to adjust to that.”
 Jason Garey - “It's been crazy. It's been a fun ride. It's just kind of surreal - the whole national championship thing, the Hermann Trophy and the draft and all that stuff.”
 Tom Garey - “What's really clear is that we have extensive dreams. We're not going to end up with everything.”
 Jason Garey - “I wasn't trying to do a bicycle kick, it was just the best way to make a play on the ball. I didn't even realize I had done it until after.”