My Favorite Quotes
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 Adam Garlock - “It was cool. I got to meet heavyweights from around the country. I got to work out with them and learn their styles. It was a very beneficial experience.”
 Adam Garlock - “Most heavyweights are not concerned with technique. They just go out there and try to out-muscle you and take you down. A stronger wrestler is a better wrestler, but the more technique you have, the better your chances are of winning.”
 Adam Garlock - “Coming into this season, my goal was to win district and regions. I would like to win states and if I finish lower than fourth I will be real disappointed. Last year at states, I lost to a guy who is now ranked first in my weight class. I pinned my next opponent and then lost to finish 1-2.”
 Adam Garlock - “My strength is my technique. I have a good idea of when it's the right time to throw and I am shooting well (escaping), which is not common for a heavyweight. When I am on the bottom, I am really good of getting out of that situation.”
 Adam Garlock - “I respect all my opponents, but I fear none.”