My Favorite Quotes
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 Henry Highland Garnet - “Let your motto be resistance resistance RESISTANCE No oppressed people have ever secured their liberty without resistance.”
 Henry Highland Garnet - “The humblest peasant is as free in the sight of God as the proudest monarch that ever swayed a sceptre. Liberty is a spirit sent from God and like its great Author is no respecter of persons.”
 Henry Highland Garnet - “The orators and statesmen of our land, whether they belong to the past, or to the present, will live and shine in the annals of history, in proportion as they have dedicated their genius and talents to the defense of Justice and man's God-given rights.”
 Henry Highland Garnet - “In every man's mind the good seeds of liberty are planted, and he who brings his fellow down so low, as to make him contented with a condition of slavery, commits the highest crime against God and man.”
 Henry Highland Garnet - “Think of the undying glory that hangs around the ancient name of Africa and forget not that you are native-born American citizens, and as such, you are justly entitled to all the rights that are granted to the freest.”