My Favorite Quotes
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 Mathieu Garon - “We still have seven games left, and it's going to be a battle.”
 Mathieu Garon - “We're close to it, but I don't want to focus on the other teams. We've got six more games, and we need those points. That's what we have to be focused on - our own game.”
 Mathieu Garon - “We gave up three power-play goals, you can't have that many penalties against a team with such a good power play.”
 Mathieu Garon - “We're all frustrated because we're losing. It's not a matter of who makes mistakes. It doesn't matter. It's not time to point fingers at anybody. We just want to find a way to start winning.”
 Mathieu Garon - “They're a totally different team than the last time we played them. They got those young guys who play really hard. They're not playing like a team that's not going to the playoffs.”
 Mathieu Garon - “It seems like injuries never happen at a good time. After the first period, I thought maybe it was better for me if I stayed off the ice.”
 Mathieu Garon - “I caught the puck in my glove. A player came and pushed my arm over the goal line and I just pulled it back quickly, I had the puck the whole time. I didn't have much time to think about it. I just pulled my arm back I was just happy it was not a goal.”
 Mathieu Garon - “I was cut from a shot, and I can only move my arm a little bit right now. Nothing in my shoulder is broken, but I'm having more tests tomorrow.”
 Mathieu Garon - “I'm ready for the challenge. I've been waiting for so many years to get this chance and right now this is a good chance and I'm going to take advantage of it for sure.”
 Mathieu Garon - “We started slow in the third period. We survived their power play late in the game. I was just trying to make key saves to give us a chance to win.”
 Mathieu Garon - “It's great to get a shutout, but a win is more important. We're winning right now and I just love it. We've got a pretty banged-up team, but we've been sticking together and working hard. We scored a couple of early goals tonight and it made it easier for everybody.”