My Favorite Quotes
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 Mick Garris - “That was self-deprecating humor, intended ironically, ... and John Landis turned it into a gag. Every so often, he would stand up and announce, 'The Masters of Horror order dessert,' or 'The Masters of Horror leave to go bowling.' It became a running joke.”
 Jimmy Garris - “I'm glad we're in the middle. I would prefer to be at the lower end, of course. You cannot just look at the numbers. You have to look at the services and I believe in Pitt County we render good services, above and beyond.”
 Jimmy Garris - “This is a needed project and will be an asset to the community.”
 Mick Garris - “The book isn't set in the Sixties, ... That was something I must take credit or blame for.”
 Mick Garris - “Not everybody is going to love this show, but it is definitely for an adult audience. We're not here to raise your kids.”