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 Pat Garrity - “I think we had good spacing on the floor, and I was able to get some open looks. In the fourth quarter, they tightened up defensively on me. In overtime, I had some good looks.”
 DJ Garrity - “Basically, I'm self-taught. It's a matter of hanging in there.”
 David Garrity - “They are certainly demonstrating a hyper-sensitivity to what information they do disclose.”
 David Garrity - “Free is very difficult to compete with. Certainly, life has become more interesting and challenging for the telecom companies.”
 DJ Garrity - “The light will actually go right in. You can use it like an oil painting.”
 Pat Garrity - “I was happy with the look. I thought it was in, but it was short. I'll take that look any day.”
 David Garrity - “There are all sorts of questions - (from) what they're spending their money on, to what they're doing to reaccelerate sales growth, to what they're doing to try to optimize their capital investment. There's little visibility at the present time as to when these levels of spending are going to generate higher levels of return on investment.”
 Pat Garrity - “Working together will allow us to increase our market share, while more efficiently sharing the costs of marketing and distribution. If specialty producers who are not currently members of SDSPA want to be included in this effort, now is an excellent time to join the association.”
 David Garrity - “Financially, their product line is reasonably successful. There would be no kind of distress sale as there was with Nissan and Renault. Honda can pick something in their own time and place.”
 DJ Garrity - “Inspiration appears at times,to be a sophistication of chance and blunt force emotion - DJ Garrity”
 David Garrity - “Do ducks swim in the water”
 David Garrity - “These companies have been squeezing suppliers on prices for years.”
 David Garrity - “Yet again Commerce One has snatched a piece of real estate from under the nose of Oracle. Oracle's performance in actually landing these (sites) has been, to date, underwhelming.”
 David Garrity - “We believe that Ford's recall of over 46,000 Explorer SUVs overseas since August 1999 undermines Ford's efforts to place responsibility on BridgestoneFirestone in connection with the U.S. tire recall. As a result, Ford's credibility with U.S. consumers, legislators and regulators may suffer. We are thereby threatening the January 2001 launch of the new model.”
 Pat Garrity - “It's tough when you give yourself that big of a hole to come back from. Anytime a team gets a big lead early, it can go two ways. It becomes even more of a blowout or it came down to the wire. It's just a matter of sticking with it.”
 David Garrity - “In my view, shares of Ford would probably become more attractive if it got down to say 22, 23 a share. Although, I would argue that as long as these investigations are continuing, they'll probably serve to put a lid on the stock price performance. Other stocks in the auto sector we are more positive on include General Motors ( GM Research , Estimates ). Also at GM, you've got a change in management -- you've got a significant outside shareholder developing in Carl Icahn, owning 30 percent in GM. There's just a lot of value to be realized in the group.”
 David Garrity - “In an environment where operating volumes are down and regulatory compliance is becoming more strict, it doesn't make sense for two companies to pool resources.”
 David Garrity - “Certainly you can argue they have been successful on both fronts. And the demand for luxury sport utility vehicles is increasing.”
 Pat Garrity - “People were going through a lot of drama.”
 DJ Garrity - “I'm trying to go for strength, for dignity, for presence.”
 DJ Garrity - “It's the whole concept of democracy you're really looking at there. It's amazing to see how it moves people.”
 Pat Garrity - “I didn't think it was that big of a distraction at all. He said he was frustrated and admitted to making a mistake. And I give him a lot of credit for that because there's a lot of guys in sports today who get into confrontations with either coaches or management and aren't big enough to admit when they make a mistake.”
 David Garrity - “I have to give them credit. They are pioneers but are they leaders And one might want to ask the question that isn't it true that pioneers die with arrows in their backs”
 David Garrity - “To the extent the UAW wants to negotiate a contract that all manufacturers can live with, there is an outside chance for some accommodation to be reached.”
 Pat Garrity - “It's a bad loss, especially since we've been playing well. We need to be consistent and we thought we were building toward that. It's OK if you lose a hard-fought game to team that makes shots, but not when there's a lack of focus on our part. They exploited us, played harder and deserved to win.”

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