My Favorite Quotes
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 John Gartland - “I was very disappointed with our effort today, and if we would have done better we could have won a meet for a second week in a row.”
 John Gartland - “Melissa returned and performed really well today.”
 John Gartland - “John always has a vision, with great, broad-stroked kinds of goals.”
 John Gartland - “Our first three runners were very strong, ... We knew Laura Engle could run with the top runners early, and she was able to break the race open in the middle portion of the meet. Dani Prince ran very well despite battling injuries. Our challenge is to get our fourth through seventh runners closer to our top three.”
 John Gartland - “I'm somewhat excited about this year's team. I'm somewhat excited about progress we can make. We didn't end on a good note, but we have all of our runners back and the top runners have trained hard to make progress,”
 John Gartland - “Laura's been a pleasure to coach because she's so intelligent and she works so hard, ... Sometimes she works too hard. Working hard for success has transferred over to our other runners, too, so I'm kind of glad I've got her for two more years.”
 Jim Gartland - “We made all the iron that the cushion sits on, and the outside of the aisle. The inside of the aisle comes from China. That's a pretty labor-intensive casting.”