My Favorite Quotes
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 Dennis Gartman - “Japan's politicians have hunkered down and have moved to do nothing, hoping that the currency's weakness might bail them out of their morass. We are short of the yen, and we expect to remain short of the yen for the long, foreseeable future.”
 Jud Gartman - “We've been working a lot on ourselves this week. We've had good leads in both of our games so far going into the fourth quarter and then we kind of slacked up and let them (Stringer and Pisgah) come back.”
 Jud Gartman - “We will get to rest some and get ready for the last four (games of the season), which will be big. That means we can let it all hang out this week.”
 Dennis Gartman - “We remain fundamentally bullish on gold . . . for the very simple reason that there is growing disdain for currencies generally.”
 Dennis Gartman - “The Sogo bankruptcy marked a major turning point in Japanese economic history.”
 Jud Gartman - “We hope we can take what we learned from (the Scott Central) game into this week. They (Scott Central and Philadelphia) do about the same type stuff. We will improve.”
 Jud Gartman - “They exploited our weaknesses. We had a hard time coming up with yardage, but they are strong up front.”
 Jud Gartman - “Our guys fought hard to more the ball at times. We just had a hard time stopping the pass especially the long passes.”
 Jud Gartman - “We did OK against the run, at times. We didn't do well at all against the pass. We will work on that a lot this week. I honestly think we can do better than that.”
 Dennis Gartman - “The yen continues to weaken, as it should, given the continued weak economic data coming from Tokyo.”
 Dennis Gartman - “Markets that will not go down on bearish news are not bear markets.”
 Dennis Gartman - “People who have been with me for 20 years know that when I say watershed that means a major shift. I've been a dollar bull for a long period of time, have basically been neutral for the past several months and am now turning to becoming a dollar bear. This move through 1.22 is definitive.”
 Dennis Gartman - “Japan needs a weak yen. We have argued that case for months, and finally it is proving of merit.”
 Dennis Gartman - “Certainly the move caught us unawares. Obviously, the decision to tighten monetary policy was done to defend the euro, and just as obviously, it has failed.”
 Dennis Gartman - “It should remain a concern.”
 Dennis Gartman - “Why shouldn't Canada go to parity It has what the world needs. It has water, it has oil, it has steel. You name it, Canada has it.”
 Dennis Gartman - “There is no question, however, that the bank was feeling a great deal of political pressure put upon it by the government.”