My Favorite Quotes
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 Phil Gartside - “There is a lack of quality around and we were not going to make signings for the sake of it. It was not just about cash availability.”
 Phil Gartside - “He acts as the official agent to Tal Ben Haim and as far as I am aware Ben Haim is his only client at the club. I deal with him because I cannot tell the players who they may or may not be represented by. When he worked for Mark Curtis he had a contractual position that prevented him from working on deals involving Bolton, but now that the terms of his employment have changed the situation is different. There is nothing sinister in any of this.”
 Phil Gartside - “Sam has made it clear to me he's not interested in managing a Premier League club at any of the current vacancies.”
 Phil Gartside - “What Sir Alex said cost him a bottle of wine. I had a nice bottle of red to give him for his birthday, but after what he said he can sod off.”
 Phil Gartside - “Robbie, I am sure, would benefit from that if he came along but that is pure speculation, we've not even discussed it. I don't look after the football, but I'm sure Sam is interested in somebody who can score 13 goals in 14 games against Bolton. At least he would stop scoring against us if he played for us.”
 Phil Gartside - “Gary Speed is a fantastic example of a player who has kept himself fit and looked after himself - he has benefited from the attention to detail at Bolton and the medical services.”
 Phil Gartside - “As far as players are concerned, they are entertainers. You look at the top entertainers, whether they are pop stars or actors, and salaries are relative. I think people are getting more realistic, and that has been reflected in the financial results of the clubs.”