My Favorite Quotes
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 Alex Garwood - “It was important for us to develop a program and initiative that felt very much like Pat.”
 Alex Garwood - “The Pat Tillman Foundation is thrilled to be participating in this fundraising event. We thank Roy for his dedication to the foundation's efforts to keep Pat's leadership spirit of giving back alive.”
 Alex Garwood - “I'm glad the people in New York are inspired by Pat, but he's ours somehow. It's not that they can't have part of him, but he's ours. As he started down this path of being this tremendous person, it began here.”
 John Garwood - “Motorcycling is an unparalleled way to see this beautiful country. I always wanted a motorcycle waiting at each airport.”
 John Garwood - “These races are a celebration of the great American racing tradition, as are our latest tours. Ride with us, and you'll be paying tribute to that indomitable American spirit.”