My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Player - “It's a good idea for future Presidents Cups to have a reserve ready to play. The people want to see the match played as scheduled.”
 Gary Player - “Sometimes in golf you come up against buzz-saws. There's just nothing you can do.”
 Gary Player - “Golf is such a humbling game.”
 Gary Player - “The big thing the administrators of golf -- the RNA and the USGA -- are falling down in their responsibilities with, is realizing the costs of making these golf courses longer,”
 Gary Player - “If there's a golf course in heaven, it's like this. I'm in no hurry to tee off but I hope I'm the head pro some day.”
 Gary Player - “If it did end up in a tie, it has been phenomenal golf. It could happen. If it did, so be it.”
 Gary Player - “That putt Chris made, I take my hat off to him, ... What a day's golf.”
 Gary Player - “You know, son, you really need to lose some weight. Next year, when I see you here, I hope to see some great improvement.”
 Gary Player - “I've traveled more than any human being who's ever lived.”
 Gary Player - “Each shot is important.”
 Gary Player - “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”
 Gary Player - “You can say thank you on the course by tipping your hat, but I thought their enthusiasm was tremendous.”
 Gary Player - “The first time I ever saw Arnold Palmer, I said, There's a star. The first time I saw Jack Nicklaus, I said, Superstar. I feel the same way about Tiger Woods.”
 Gary Player - “Any time you have two Presidents Cups in a row and you go to the 18th green, I mean, golf is the winner,”
 Gary Player - “If there's a golf course in heaven, I hope it's like Augusta National. I just don't want an early tee time.”
 Gary Player - “Arnold (Palmer) played 50 times. I'd like to play 51 times and then hang it up.”
 Gary Player - “It's sad not having Arnie ( Palmer ) and Jack ( Nicklaus ) here. We've had so many good times but everything shall pass.”
 Gary Player - “Golf benefited from today. Congratulations to the U.S.A. That putt that Chris holed on the last, I really take my hat off to him. They played better.”
 Gary Player - “Golf benefited from today, ... Congratulations to the U.S.A. That putt that Chris holed on the last, I really take my hat off to him. They played better.”
 Gary Player - “it doesn't matter what happened in the past or what happens in the present, when we tee up tomorrow, it's a new day. It's a brand new game.”
 Gary Player - “It's a strange game, ... Today you shoot 66. Tomorrow you shoot 73. It changes within hours.”
 Gary Player - “I understand. He has got to do it for his knee. He has to get it right. He said he has never been so bored. Having to sit in one place when he has been so active is driving him nuts.”
 Gary Player - “When you get to 70, if you can break 80, it's a victory.”
 Gary Player - “My goal was to break 80. When you get to 70, if I can break 80, I consider that a victory.”
 Gary Player - “It's exactly the same. You wait until the tournament starts. You'll hear the cheers. It will be great.”

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