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 Pau Gasol - “I had to take this game on my shoulders. The last few games that we were right there, I didn't produce down the last five minutes. I had to be a little more aggressive and luckily thinks worked out well.”
 Pau Gasol - “I dont know whats wrong with that girl.”
 Pau Gasol - “In the first half, I was aggressive and then in a very good scoring rhythm making buckets. In the second half, they had to do something. They started digging in and forcing me to pass the ball and I'm glad to do it.”
 Pau Gasol - “It was good the way we shared the ball tonight and made shots.”
 Pau Gasol - “I feel amazing. If they play straight up, I'm going to try and hurt them.”
 Pau Gasol - “It's all very positive. If Mike would get that, and me making All-Star team, it says how well we're doing collectively. We wouldn't be getting any individual awards or respect if collectively we weren't doing a good job.”
 Pau Gasol - “It doesn't matter who gets what. It's just a matter of doing what it takes to win.”
 Pau Gasol - “You think about it. We thought about it before the game, but not while you are playing. They beat us the first two here. Now we get hope to get them at home.”
 Pau Gasol - “We need a little more depth, but it's hard to say right now. We need somebody to get us a few more rebounds, a little bit of extra toughness. We need guys who will hold their ground, be a little more physical, get to loose balls, be able to defend this time of year.”
 Pau Gasol - “It means that it's possible. It means we have a chance until we lose again. We've been trying to take it one game at a time all series long. We've got to fight like we did in Game 3.”
 Pau Gasol - “We have to be concerned a little bit, but at the same time we have to do a better job overall in playing with a little bit more hustle.”
 Pau Gasol - “The last few games were tough because I didn't produce in the last five minutes. Tonight it was time to step up, be a little more aggressive and produce. Luckily I was aggressive and things worked out well.”
 Pau Gasol - “At times, we didn't even compete.”
 Pau Gasol - “He's played more minutes today than in the previous three games, and it's difficult mentally to achieve that, but he's done it.”
 Pau Gasol - “I dont know whats wrong with that girl.”
 Pau Gasol - “I dont know whats wrong with that girl.”
 Pau Gasol - “I see happy people on this team, who are excited to come to work and be a part of this team, working together to get somewhere. I don't see selfish guys, who are worrying about themselves and their situations. We have guys happy to share and doing whatever it takes to win. That is what we've lacked in previous years.”
 Pau Gasol - “The last couple of years we thought we had a better chance going against San Antonio and going against Phoenix because we were 3-1 against them (in the regular season). We lost to both teams 4-0. The playoffs are different.”
 Pau Gasol - “I haven't felt any (pain) today and that's what I was looking for. We were looking for release from a lot of the fatigue and all that soreness that I had, and it's worked pretty well.”
 Pau Gasol - “This organization has shown from the beginning that they believe in me, and I am looking forward to being a part of an organization dedicated to winning,”
 Pau Gasol - “It's really painful for the team to lose Damon. He's been a great leader for us and we'll miss his great finishes down the stretch.”
 Pau Gasol - “On being frustrated A little bit (frustration) is normal, you get frustrated when you miss your shots, but weve got to do a better job on Monday. Weve got to attack them a little harder, go strong to the rim, finish hard and forget about everything else.”
 Pau Gasol - “We have to come out hard in Game 3, really establish ourselves at home and get a win there. The whole scenario changes then, but we've got to do it. We've got to make it happen. I'm really excited about that, going back home with our fans and getting this monkey, that is really getting heavy, off of our back.”
 Pau Gasol - “They do play off me and challenge me to take that 15- to 17-foot jumper and make it. Once I make a couple, they will have to do something different.”
 Pau Gasol - “I ain't gonna lie, I was aware of it. I know I needed the assists and I was hoping that Mike Miller was going to make one of those shots (in the fourth quarter). I had a good game sharing the ball and making the right decisions.”

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