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 Bill Gates - “Four or five years from now, you will wonder when somebody called up to get technical support how they just used the phone to try and describe what was going on with their PC.”
 Bill Gates - “Two years from now, spam will be solved.”
 Bill Gates - “There are many years where Waterloo is the university we hire the most people from of any university in the world. Waterloo has always been in the top five every year.”
 Bill Gates - “Many of the holy grails of computing that have been worked on over the last 30 years will be solved within this 10-year period, with speech being in every device,”
 Bill Gates - “This means at least several years of confusion.”
 Bill Gates - “I think if you go out five years from now, and look at portable computers, virtually all of those will have this tablet capability.”
 David Gates - “He was like, 'You remember on TV a few years ago' ... I was like, 'Oh, OK.'”
 Jim Gates - “Scott has displayed considerable development of his skills and knowledge during his years at Churchill Downs. He has earned the trust of our horsemen and displayed a willingness to continue to grow and develop new skills and techniques.”
 Bill Gates - “As I understand it, providing Microsoft's technology to its competitors so they can build 'functional equivalents' of our products now, and match all our future innovations for 10 years, is in fact one of the central objectives,”
 Bill Gates - “During Paul's 14 years with Microsoft, he has played a key role in virtually every major initiative, from the evolution of Windows and Office to the .NET strategy.”
 Bill Gates - “you'd have to look out three years into the future.”
 Bill Gates - “I started to play golf about five years ago. It was humbling. I really like it but it's so frustrating”
 Bill Gates - “There's really only one that they've done a leadership thing in, which is in search, and search today is very poor compared to what it will be even a year or two years from now -- their search, our search, everybody's search. So there's so much room to do better, to have that work well with the other offerings.”
 Bill Gates - “It's possible to do a much better machine . . . You could put a faster processor in. Intel's has the 8086. I think five years from now the amount of software and the quality of the software on this machine will be incredible. It will dwarf what is available on mainframes, minicomputers and other machines.”
 Bill Gates - “If I'd had some set idea of a finish line, don't you think I would have crossed it years ago”
 Bill Gates - “The two areas that are changing... are information technology and medical technology. Those are the things that the world will be very different 20 years from now than it is today.”
 Bill Gates - “Deaths from malaria have doubled over the last 20 years,”
 Bill Gates - “If I were a guy who just wanted to win, I would have already moved on to another arena. If I'd had some set idea of a finish line, don't you think I would have crossed it years ago”
 Bill Gates - “Three years from now everyone will have a wireless PC device with them at this conference,”
 Bill Gates - “This is a key element of the technology industry getting re-energized and putting productivity back into other sectors of the economy that can get the economy back to where it was a couple of years ago,”
 Bill Gates - “For far too long, malaria has been a forgotten epidemic, ... a disgrace that the world has allowed malaria deaths to double in the last 20 years.”
 Bill Gates - “It would pose as a constant temptation to our youth.”
 Bill Gates - “The digital decade is not just about any particular aspect of computing, taking enterprises, knowledge workers and homes and building standards that connect all of those together. The key piece in the center is trustworthy systems, systems that do what you expect on an extremely reliable basis. So in each of these areas we have new scenarios, new ways that people will be using their computers that they never did before.”
 Bill Gates - “This is something we're very committed to, it's something that I think people are underestimating right now as they've seen some of the dot-com promises not come through. I think they're missing the fact that the basic technology is moving forward, the new platforms are here and this vision of the digital decade will be a reality.”
 Bill Gates - “I expect over the next five years between us and others a heck of a job will get done. You'll be able to sit at your desk and do whatever it is you want to do with information or presenting data or interchanging data incredibly effectively. In other words, we will have changed the way people work.”

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