My Favorite Quotes
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 Joey Gathright - “It seems like everyone's positive and everyone's going in the right direction for the first time.”
 Joey Gathright - “When I saw him get the ball, I knew it was going to be close. So, I was just trying to go as hard as I can. He was blocking the plate, so I just tried to go through him. I'm not the type to run people over.”
 Joey Gathright - “We scored a lot of runs, but we also gave up a lot of runs. As far as hitting the ball, we all felt comfortable. It's disappointing. A loss is a loss. You don't want to lose, especially in a day where you score a lot of runs.”
 Joey Gathright - “The first one wasn't hit too hard, kind of in the gap. I just ran it down. I didn't feel like diving again like I did during Monday's game, so I stayed on my feet. The second one was hit pretty good, and I got it before I hit the wall.”
 Joey Gathright - “I was like, Get off my arm,' and he wouldn't move. It's spring training and he's known for something, so nobody really cares. I could care less. I'll get over this. Hopefully, everybody else does.”
 Joey Gathright - “I guess we just need to get used to the pitching. I don't really care how or when we get them.”
 Joey Gathright - “I know Rivera's leg kick is a 1.4 or a 1.5 seconds. And when he uses a slide step, it's a 1.0. I don't care how fast you are, if the pitcher gets the ball to home in 1.1, 1.0, you just shut it down because you are going to get thrown out no matter how big your lead is.”