My Favorite Quotes
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 John Gatins - “She's incredibly professional when she's working, and when she's not, she's a 10-year-old girl.”
 John Gatins - “She's kind of rarefied air. Without her, I think we'd have had a good movie, but not this movie. She pushed it to a whole new level.”
 John Gatins - “I was so impressed with her as I have been in the past and thought, she's the perfect age at this point, and what an opportunity it would be for this movie to take on a whole other level of complexity given what she does as an actor.”
 John Gatins - “It was so well received, and people have really such a strong memory of that movie. As people have begun to see Dreamer, they recognize how different they are but how great they both fit together in a way.”
 John Gatins - “The great thing about Dakota is she's very discerning and takes her time to decide what she really wants to do. She doesn't just jump onto a project because it's got a big budget or this person is in it. She really wants to read the material and understand the film that we're trying to make.”
 John Gatins - “She has a complexity and a gift no other actor on the planet has, especially one who is young.”