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 Justin Gatlin - “Double gold means I'm king of the sprints. It shows I'm the best sprinter around.”
 Justin Gatlin - “I'm still dominant and that's what matters, ... But rain, snow, sleet, it doesn't matter. I'm going to go out and try and win a gold medal.”
 Justin Gatlin - “says the Olympic 100-meter gold medalist. ''If I go out and do great, it'll be, 'Well, Asafa wasn't there.' That's the first thing they'll say.”
 Justin Gatlin - “Double gold means I consider myself right now to be King of sprints,”
 Justin Gatlin - “I am working on my start, once I have a good start, I think I can go to boundaries that no other man has been to.”
 Justin Gatlin - “It is such a great honor.”
 Justin Gatlin - “I thought that the light wasn't as bright in art as it was in track and field.”
 Justin Gatlin - “The time would have been faster and the world record would have been threatened. But I still would have beaten him. If he's ready, bring it on, I'm the Olympic champion and the world champion.”
 Justin Gatlin - “I don't have any time now.”
 Justin Gatlin - “It would be a great time to try for the 100m world record. I'm the world champion. Of course I want that world record.”
 Justin Gatlin - “It was great. That's the biggest cheer I put out the whole time I've been here. Seeing her win the gold medal, she deserves it more than me.”
 Justin Gatlin - “It was great. That's the biggest cheer I put out the whole time I've been here. Seeing her win the gold medal, she deserves it more than me. She worked so hard, she's been through so many coaches and so many ups and downs that a lot of people don't know.”
 Justin Gatlin - “I wouldn't say they have asked for input, ... but, I mean, I'm the one who's out on the track and I'm the one who's possible going to drop the stick or be getting the stick around. So it all falls on me and us athletes who are out there on the track. So I think that we should have more input than coaches at this point in time.”
 Justin Gatlin - “I think it really stakes the claim that I'm the champion, ... I run like a champion. I show up big when it's time to show up big.”
 Justin Gatlin - “Times are very important (this year) because there are no championships.”
 Justin Gatlin - “Leonard Scott ran a very good technical race, Sean Crawford came through easily, everybody's running really fast and times are pretty much equal in the first round. So everybody's going to have to come out and put their game on.”
 Justin Gatlin - “It makes a great story for track and field. I have the Olympic gold, he has the world record. It's a duel for the times.”
 Justin Gatlin - “Pre has always produced fast times and great races. I'm looking forward to running fast like I did there last year.”
 Justin Gatlin - “Most people would be debating in their heads what to do in a year like this. It is all about preparation and I am just looking at putting out superb times. All I have to do this year is focus on my race.”
 Justin Gatlin - “Really So I did get some kind of record, huh It's great to show how dominant I am this year, running fast times consistently and winning every race. I prayed before the season to be dominant, and it's all come together.”
 Justin Gatlin - “It would be nice to grab first place in both events. If I run a great race tomorrow I can finish top of the 200 as well.”
 Justin Gatlin - “The Penn Relays is the only meet in the world where, when I walk into the stadium, I get chills.”
 Justin Gatlin - “I most definitely can get faster than the 9.88 from Helsinki with that bad weather.”
 Justin Gatlin - “I'm a little bummed that we had a strong head wind like we did. I haven't run that slow in a long time.”
 Justin Gatlin - “I ran like a champion. It is a great consolation to show how dominant I am. I am the Olympic champion and the world champion, but I want Justin Gatlin to be the champion of everything,”

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