My Favorite Quotes
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 James Gattuso - “It will become the phone industry.”
 Gennaro Gattuso - “In Italy we are always told to look at other countries for examples of doing things the right way, well let's see how they behave,”
 James Gattuso - “The impediments are really technical. The biggest problem is perceived lack of quality, reliability. A lot of people are still uncertain that their Internet connection will be reliable and on all the time. There are some reports of voice quality not being as good as traditional lines. And there are questions about 911. But those are all rapidly being worked out. And the marketplace is showing that the numbers of subscribers are growing steadily.”
 Gennaro Gattuso - “There is little to say after that performance. He is able to do what few others in the world can.”
 Greg Gattuso - “The scary thing is I've actually thought about this over the years and I really can't come up with a good reason. But it is bizarre how many have come from here.”
 James Gattuso - “They're seeing their entire model being threatened.”
 James Gattuso - “This is why the Internet-phone industry is probably going to replace entirely what we might call loosely the analog method of phone calls over a period of years.”
 James Gattuso - “The vast majority of this is a boondoggle.”
 Gennaro Gattuso - “At any rate, I don't see where the problem is given that nothing is obligatory. We should plan the controls well, making them equal for all and then I would be happy to adhere.”
 Greg Gattuso - “I think the kids are just excited about Pitt football. Some remember back to when Pitt was great, and their parents certainly do. I think they feel we can go there again.”
 James Gattuso - “The difference is that there's really not a cost advantage or economies of scale that limit the number of providers. So they're just in the pool with everyone else now.”
 James Gattuso - “Congress was more concerned about constituents waking up in the morning sometime in 2009 and finding out that their televisions didn't work, and they couldn't get the sports show that they wanted. They were more concerned about that than they were about reducing the deficit or keeping taxes low or saving billions of dollars for the taxpayers.”
 Greg Gattuso - “They should do recruiting rankings three years from now. They don't because everybody wants to know things now. But rankings are important. We want to be in the top 10 in recruiting rankings. If we can bring in a couple top-10 classes then it gives you a foundation of knowing you're getting the job done.”
 James Gattuso - “If you wanted to target the people actually in need, and assume for the sake of argument that there's a need for television, that it's a basic necessity, if you looked only at the people who don't have cable or satellite today, and looked only at the first television in the household, and not the third or the fourth, and looked at only those people who cannot afford a converter box of their own, you would be looking at a few hundred million dollars, certainly less than 500 million. That's a much, much smaller number than we have on the table now.”
 Gennaro Gattuso - “It's wonderful to play in a side like Milan where there is the ability to react to difficult moments and bring the best out of ourselves.”