My Favorite Quotes
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 Tina Gaughan - “I don't know that I can pick one. They played both ends of the floor tonight. It was good to see 32 minutes. They finished strong.”
 Tina Gaughan - “I really don't feel as bad losing to such a good team. They certainly played well tonight.”
 Brendan Gaughan - “This year, the Truck Series has a lot of new rules -- some that we know absolutely nothing about, and some we do know about. We have a new right-side window for the first time ever in the truck. Nobody, except for a few teams, went to test Talladega.”
 Tina Gaughan - “That Lewistown game gave us a lot of momentum coming into tonight. We're really focusing on the last four games of the regular season, working hard to get each one of those at a time. We couldn't be playing better. This is what we want to be doing this time of the year.”
 Brendan Gaughan - “Other than my hometown newspapers, he wrote the first big story on me - and it was on the cover of the L.A. Times (sports section). How could I not drop by”
 Kevin Gaughan - “We were really trying to go easy today, not push too hard because we want to be ready for JB. That's a big race for us.”
 Kevin Gaughan - “We were really trying to go easy today, not push too hard because we want to be ready for JB. That's a big race for us,”
 Brendan Gaughan - “We've gone through a transition (changing crew chiefs) ... so it has been successful when you take all the factors we had to put in of rebuilding this organization.”
 Brendan Gaughan - “We feel that we're still going to win but it has taken a lot to get us there. I'm actually pretty happy it was this hard if it would have come easy, it would have felt maybe a little less satisfying. When this win does come -- and it will come -- it'll make everything feel and taste so much better.”
 Tina Gaughan - “We're going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at them (tonight) and see what works. They have a lot of juniors and seniors and have been in the playoff environment before. It's going to be a really tough game for us. We really have to play well.”
 Michael Gaughan - “People want nicer places, so everybody's trying to build them.”
 Tina Gaughan - “Their defense was certainly stifling. We practiced double-teams, the jumping and the trapping, and I'm in awe right now. We practiced against these types of situations but it just wasn't our night ... they just played better than us.”
 Tina Gaughan - “We were just watching the film of the last time we played them and she came up so big for us. She had 10 or 12 rebounds, great help-side defense and really plugged up the middle of the lane for us.”
 Tina Gaughan - “They turned up their aggressive defense. We had the looks. We just didn't put the ball in the hoop.”
 Kevin Gaughan - “The potential consolidation between the two towns in Orleans County may be the state's first step back to the future. This is the only way we can beat the economic death spiral gripping us all.”
 Kevin Gaughan - “He convinced me that we agreed more than we disagreed. And more important, he convinced me that he was absolutely committed to changing the culture of City Hall.”
 Michael Gaughan - “What they've done to Las Vegas Boulevard is a crime. North of the South Coast the Strip narrows from three lanes to two lanes to one, then back to three lanes. It's a real pain, especially in the late afternoon.”
 Tina Gaughan - “They have some really quick guards that really pressured her. I thought she did a phenomenal job. Her role was to get the ball up the court and handle the pressure and get the ball to other people. That takes a lot out of you. You can't always be the scorer.”
 Tina Gaughan - “I never had a doubt she would go. I know how much she loves this team and how much basketball means to her so I just can't imagine she would ever go.”
 Tina Gaughan - “I don't know if it's when they're young they don't know any better, and you hope they don't ever know any better. She is really mature in a basketball sense. She knows she needs to take it to the hole.”
 Tina Gaughan - “You never expect it until it happens. We certainly didn't underestimate Bald Eagle.”
 Tina Gaughan - “I was actually shocked when I looked up and saw we were up by double digits, and 15, and then it was 20. The kids did a great job in the fourth quarter finishing on the foul line. I told them I would take a heart attack otherwise so they were kind to me tonight.”
 Tina Gaughan - “I told (Lucas) I'd adopt her for the day. I said we'd pass the hat and see if we can come up with a ticket for her, which, seriously we're doing.”