My Favorite Quotes
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 Sharon Gavin - “Its nice that these are finding another home and another life because they are perfectly good sirens.”
 John Gavin - “It's probably not one of the best long-term growth strategies.”
 John Gavin - “In the long term, improving investor confidence is a marathon, not a sprint.”
 Mike Gavin - “She did extremely well considering it was the first time she had been in that situation.”
 Mike Gavin - “It was a terrific meet. We had our eyes on this meet for about a week and we were very excited and pumped up to swim fast today.”
 Mike Gavin - “We were in awe last week at the Sectionals but this week really proved that we belonged at States. We competed and battled during each and every race that we were a part of. We didn't appear to be intimidated today, which is a step in the right direction for our swimmers.”
 John Gavin - “The Wells Fargo Tower offers us a prime location in downtown Fort Worth with added space to accommodate our continued growth.”
 Mike Gavin - “We had 31 personal-best swims today. Our second and third swimmers in every event are having great years.”
 Tom Gavin - “The White House zeroed out that funding and put very difficult limitations on funding for a number of programs.”
 Tom Gavin - “He has every intention to seek re-election. But I'm going to let the senator make his own announcement.”
 Tom Gavin - “People make errors. The problem here was not the error. It was the failure of us to look at it end-to-end and find it. It's unfair to rely on any one person.”
 Michael Gavin - “Part of the significance of this vulnerability announcement is that your machine can be exploited without you needing to do anything at all. You don't even have to open an e-mail or attachment, and this happens with the default configuration of the product.”
 Tom Gavin - “They have been looking at this since Friday morning following the loss.”
 Michael Gavin - “We think that with the risk of surprisingly tight U.S. monetary policy diminishing as the U.S. economy decelerates, and with the peso strong, the scales are tipped to a 50bp east at the January meeting.”
 Michael Gavin - “It is too amorphous--the picture is cloudy. It looks like it might develop into a very interesting picture, but what are the odds (of that happening) We don't know.”
 Tom Gavin - “The senator is not going to listen to the president paint a rosy picture on a disastrous situation. The senator believes, no matter how many speeches the president gives, that the policy on Iraq is broken.”
 Tom Gavin - “We're going to look at how was the data transferred. How did it originally get into system in English units How was it transferred When we were doing navigation and Doppler (distance and speed) checks, how come we didn't find it”
 John Gavin - “still calls it a troubled company.”
 Tom Gavin - “Our core strength as a company has always been a culture based on listening to our clients. We think of ourselves as a partner rather than a vendor. For example, we continuously look to our clients for feedback on our strategic development initiatives. The end result is a product suite that evolves with our clients' businesses.”
 Michael Gavin - “This proposal tries to respect the need for the community to redevelop properties and make them viable rather than run the risk of them going dark. We thought we'd try to do something that's beneficial to everyone.”
 John Gavin - “will go a long way toward restoring investor confidence in Wall Street. He knows his way around the investment community. He is also a chartered financial analyst. Those people, since I'm one of them also, tend to be more rigorous on ethics issues. That to me is the cherry on the sundae.”
 Tom Gavin - “Our customer-centric approach does not stop with our development process. To call yourself a partner and not just a vendor, you need more than just great products. Our commitment to a high-touch, client-service model is truly unique. We do not simply install software and hand off a business card with a 1-800 support number. Instead, we focus on providing our clients with highly trained teams of frontline consultants backed up by a host of experts in everything from electronic trading to data transfer services. It is our unique installation, service, and support model that helped us to successfully complete over 70 product implementations in 2005.”
 Michael Gavin - “The Central Bank proved that it will remain vigilant if it suspects that the 4.5 percent inflation target for 2002 may be threatened.”
 Michael Gavin - “Going forward, we expect the economy to show positive year-on-year and seasonally adjusted rates in the quarters ahead, but the 1.8 percent Central Bank estimate appears to have more downside than upside risk at the moment.”