My Favorite Quotes
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 Matt Bragaw - “Storms like these can often do more harm than good. You can get lightning outside of the range of the thunderstorms and that could spark fires.”
 Matt Bragaw - “It happens this time of year right before dawn. It's basically moisture that's trapped along the surface.”
 Matt Bragaw - “This is the type of weather that people move to Florida for.”
 Matt Bragaw - “We had a little bit of a cold front move through (Thursday). Temperatures can swing a bit this time of the year as we're shifting from winter to summer.”
 Matt Bragaw - “It's the total opposite side of the coin.”
 Matt Bragaw - “We're expecting these winds to start dropping off into Tuesday morning and through the end of this week.”
 Jonathan Gaw - “The Geek Squad from Best Buy is one example of how to make it simple to install, operate, and maintain complicated technologies for the home. If you want it, but do not want to deal with the complications, you can hire some kid to come to your house and do it for you for 150.”
 John Magaw - “There's been talk about can we put it in an envelope and mail it to them. But in looking just at some of this, it would take a full-time person every day doing just that.”
 Jonathan Gaw - “One-third of the new homes sold this year will be at 3,000 square feet. At 4,000 square feet, automation almost becomes a necessity, not a luxury.”
 Jonathan Gaw - “This will be a luxury product initially.”
 John Magaw - “...If he had come back to court, there would have been no problem.”
 John Magaw - “You had 60 companies all around the country doing slightly different things, and there was no one oversight or one advisory group, one controlling unit. Now you have that.”
 Matt Bragaw - “It'll affect the fire, and it'll be a concern for hot spots.”
 Matt Bragaw - “Right now, the rain she's produced hasn't been overly huge, but she's going to be a slow mover. That's our main concern. Without a doubt, she'll be a rainmaker.”
 Jonathan Gaw - “If broadband access is available everywhere at a low price, or for free, it means more money for the company through greater interest among advertisers.”
 Matt Bragaw - “It'll be a little bit cooler but really, we're running above average temperature wise.”
 Matt Bragaw - “We've been in this warm pattern for the better half of the last month, the average temperature for Melbourne this time of year is in the 70s.”
 John Magaw - “It's screaming for national attention. All of us who care about our children in America must come up and address this.”