My Favorite Quotes
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 Maxwell Gaylard - “The opening of the academy is a historic moment. It is the first such national institution that has been built in Somalia for a long time.”
 Maxwell Gaylard - “The men and women who finish this course will be proper officers. They will be paid when they leave this compound - through international assistance and Somalias own revenues.”
 Maxwell Gaylard - “I am confident that they (the government) are moving forward but we shouldn't expect too much too soon. There's been chaos and fighting for much more than 15 years and you can't fix that in a short time.”
 Maxwell Gaylard - “The drought compounds what was already a dire humanitarian situation and is affecting communities in areas beset by years of high malnutrition and morbidity rates, chronic food insecurity, clan fighting and suffering from consecutive bad harvests.”
 Maxwell Gaylard - “It is the worst drought in a decade and the number of people in need of immediate assistance and protection has drastically increased compared to six months ago, when one million people were identified as needing assistance.”
 Maxwell Gaylard - “Carrying a gun in Somalia is a natural thing. We are not going to change the culture of Somalis overnight.”
 Maxwell Gaylard - “When we speak about 1.7 million people in need of urgent assistance, we refer to a food security, water, health, nutrition and protection crisis.”
 Maxwell Gaylard - “We need across the board support and commitment of everyone to ensure access and protection so that we can alleviate the suffering of Somalis.”