My Favorite Quotes
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 Laurent Gbagbo - “I hope elections will take place well before 12 months ... that is a job I will entrust to my new prime minister whom we will name in a few days,”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “This is the last time I want to hear this issue raised.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “This acceleration of violence is unacceptable, ... We will fight against this mentality of (coups).”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “This acceleration of violence is unacceptable,”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “Go tomorrow to vote. Be vigilant, be there at every polling station to oversee the vote.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “The plotters of yesterday, the plotters of today ... they swim in the water and think we don't see their backs but we see them.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “I am going into the talks totally confident, hoping that we will re-establish the legal republican order throughout Ivory Coast,”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “They fell under the bullets of those who refused to see that this country had changed. Death has no party. Death has no religion.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “Take other elections throughout the world, ... Take the election in the U.S. itself. The turnout rate is not higher than what we got. ... I was elected democratically in my country, and I believe I have a right to conduct my mandate.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “The international community calls on us to complete the electoral process within 12 months at the latest. I hope those elections will take place before the 12 months (expire), and that is the mission I shall give to the prime minister we will appoint in a few days,”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “The children of Ivory Coast will not allow them to do it. Those who stand up against us, we will fight,”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “This was more like a terrorist act to alarm the population than an act of war, ... The people who did this coup are amateurs, they're children.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “remain calm, and I ask them not to give in to provocations.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “I told them if that was the truth, then an inquiry should be opened and the culprits brought to book.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “Police, gendarmes and soldiers from all branches of the armed forces are ordered to use all means throughout the country to oppose troublemakers,”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “I think it has been one of the most successful boycotts in Africa. We're happy. Very few people voted.”
 Laurent Gbagbo - “I think it has been one of the most successful boycotts in Africa, ... We're happy. Very few people voted.”