My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Gbandi - “I guess if people label me a bust, they might have something to back that up since I haven't done that much. That's fair to say with all my injuries but injuries are obviously part of sports. I think after this year, a lot of that perception will change. I think once people see me run up and down the flank, they will realize that I know the game, love the game and know how to play it.”
 Chris Gbandi - “I set a simple goal for this season, just to come to practice every single day. It kind of sounds funny but I feel like when I'm out there practicing and getting better every single day, the games will take care of themselves. If I can practice every day, that means I am staying healthy and good things will happen for me.”
 Chris Gbandi - “It's been up and down. The first couple of years, people expected a lot out of me and I wasn't able to provide it because I wasn't healthy. Now that I'm fully fit, I think a lot of people will be surprised with what I'm capable of doing. I'm looking forward to the season and showing what I'm capable of doing.”
 Chris Gbandi - “I think it's real big. Obviously he's worked so hard to get to this stage in his career. I hope he gets a chance to play when he gets there. Just getting named to the team and being so young is a great accomplishment. I hope he can make the most of it when he gets to Germany.”