My Favorite Quotes
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 Gbola Amusa - “The ones that are lost will probably be lost for good.”
 Gbola Amusa - “These are high-risk, high-reward vaccines. The chances of their success are remote, but if they do work, we would expect them to be blockbusters if they produced enough to supply developed nations and undeveloped nations.”
 Gbola Amusa - “It's wide open, ... The obesity market is unique in that it is probably the largest market in the world. However, nothing really works well in terms of safety and tolerability.”
 Gbola Amusa - “The most important thing is that Medicare Part D was implemented, and this boost for seniors should make earnings quite buoyant. We think investors will be very pleased with the numbers.”
 Gbola Amusa - “From an RD perspective, they've actually got the first or second largest cancer pipeline in the world. So, they're moving in the right direction.”
 Gbola Amusa - “It's a drop in the bucket. It's helping the stock price today, but gastric cancer is not one of the biggest markets for cancer.”
 Gbola Amusa - “You might have less competitive intensity than you think. It will be competitive, but not to the detriment of players involved. There's room to grow for the entire business, and rising tides will lift all boats.”
 Gbola Amusa - “It brings attention back to a lot of the risks in pharmaceuticals right now with regards to drug safety.”