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 Jacques Rogge - “I can say that the financial future of the Olympic movement is secure.”
 Jacques Rogge - “The financial prospects are very good. The financial future of the Olympic movement is secured.”
 Jacques Rogge - “No one can predict the future.”
 John Pincavage - “The sector has been pretty terrible up to this point, even without the industry shutdown. So what has happened now is like piling on to an industry that was already down. Barring sharp gains in the overall market, and if the markets goes down, then the airlines may well be down more than the overall market on a percentage basis.”
 Bob Etheridge - “The companies convicted won't keep their ill-gotten gains, ... never has enough money as it is.”
 Rod Page - “Some people are so gallant about this thing that they throw it in the trunk of their car and run down the highway.”
 Jacques Rogge - “We are very pleased with the preparations. Like any Games, the final stretch of days is the most difficult one.”
 Brad Lidge - “We have to win two games. I know we can do it, everybody knows we can do it.”
 Chris Savage - “It feels very good (to have the CCL clinched). Last year we had to go to the wire with Ready. This year to get it with two games left in an eight-game season is great.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “We started four sophomores that year and we played in a national tournament in Tennessee. When we went into the lobby where the teams were, it looked like a lobby of WNBA players. We split our games in Tennessee (going 2-2) and I was proud of that. We went 22-12 and won the district championship.”
 Dudley Etheridge - “Obviously, it's going to be a very tough game for us. You don't win 17 straight games for nothing. We'll just do the best that we can and see what the outcome is.”
 Dudley Etheridge - “I really don't look forward to it. They haven't won 20 games by accident. But we'll see what happens.”
 Todd Dodge - “I was flattered. Coach (Bill) Parcells said he's been watching our games and liked what he saw. I didn't get the job, but it's still an honor.”
 Craig Littlepage - “We look at and put a great deal of weight in the last 10 games. The reason for that The team that plays the last 10 games is, barring injury, the team that, if selected, will play in the tournament.”
 Jacques Rogge - “I am confident a solution can be found which will, on the one hand, respect the legislation and, on the other, ensure the Games are workable.”
 Chris George - “We've had just about everyone but three girls fighting some injury sometime this season. We've had a lot of people step up in games for us this year, though.”
 Jacques Rogge - “The journey of the flame is what brings the Games closer to society and allows society to take part in the Games.”
 Ross Outerbridge - “I think the encouraging things are to see some of the performances of the young Canadians that have been at their first Games.”
 Jacques Rogge - “Everything is in place to have a peaceful Games.”
 Rick George - “It was incredible. Before the kickoff, we had a moment of silence and then played seven or eight games. There were so many people there to show their support.”
 Jason Eldredge - “When you go into the back end of back-to-back games with eight players, it's tough.”
 Jacques Rogge - “These were truly magnificent games. We say a heart-felt thank you to Italy, Piedmont and Italy.”
 David George - “Despite the ongoing effects of the Asian recession and the stronger dollar, we had another solid quarter, with 21 percent earnings-per-share growth and continued strong cash generation, ... We remain comfortable with the consensus earnings estimate for 1998 and expect to see earnings per share increase by a further 15 percent in 1999.”
 Quintyn Eldridge - “He said he liked her a lot. He was only going out with her for a few months. He hung out with her a lot, and he said she was a really cool girl and I should meet her.”
 Katherine Legge - “It was so cool to see those young girls after I won, ... Hopefully, people like me can open doors for young girls like them. I didn't actually think I could be a racing driver when I was growing up because I'm a girl.”

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