My Favorite Quotes
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 Angus Geddes - “We had higher oil prices, higher gold prices, higher copper prices and even a higher Dow (Jones index), and that has flowed through to a very strong market with strength across the board.”
 Doyle Geddes - “She had one of the best games of any of the girls out there today.”
 Angus Geddes - “What we've seen last night is a lot of hot air coming out...it may go on for a number of weeks but it's just a healthy part of the market. Over the next three years, we believe targets well beyond the all-time high of US850 an ounce are achievable.”
 Greg Geddes - “As the department head responsible for this report, I realize that we handled this file improperly. I would like to apologize to council, on behalf of staff, for the way this matter was handled.”
 Doyle Geddes - “We were deep on them often, but we didn't create many on-net looks at all. But, that's a great Alta team, and we knew we had to have a perfect game to beat them.”
 Angus Geddes - “A positive, was their cost-to-income ratio. There has definitely been some progress on costs.”
 Greg Geddes - “There's a real cost to taxpayers if those plans are introduced.”
 Doyle Geddes - “Our team needed this. We needed a break-out game, so it was good therapy for us. It helped restore some confidence.”
 Angus Geddes - “The appetite for infrastructure type of investments in Australia has been enormous in the last five years. The yield is very attractive and financial institutions like the stability and predictability of cash flows that they offer.”
 Greg Geddes - “The threat of a strike is certainly going to raise a lot of anxiety for Ottawa residents.”
 Greg Geddes - “My apologies for the late clarification of this agreement.”
 Doyle Geddes - “They had some pin-point accuracy and good grief, that goal over Robert nothing he could do.”
 Trayce Geddes - “It would be fiscally irresponsible for us not to have the ability to cut days. We were elected by the community to manage the budget.”