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 Clifford Geertz - “Two people have been really liberating in my mind one is Wittgenstein and the other is Burke. I read Burke before he was a secular saint, before everyone was reading him.”
 Clifford Geertz - “The North African mule talks always of his mother's brother, the horse, but never of his father, the donkey, in favor of others supposedly more reputable.”
 Clifford Geertz - “People keep asking how anthropology is different from sociology, and everybody gets nervous.”
 Clifford Geertz - “My instincts are always against people who want to fasten some sort of hegemony onto things.”
 Clifford Geertz - “Most anthropologists are doing straightforward ethnography, and should.”
 Clifford Geertz - “It's always amusing to look at how something early in the 20th century was written in anthropology and how it's written now. There's been an enormous shift in how it's done, but yet you can't put your finger on someone who actually did it.”
 Clifford Geertz - “If there's ever a place where you can't argue that you can put the facts over here and the text over there and see if they fit, it is surely in anthropology.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I'm an inveterate fox and not a hedgehog, so I always think you should try everything.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I think what's known about neurology is still scattered and uncertain.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I think feminism has had a major impact on anthropology.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I never leave a sentence or a paragraph until I'm satisfied with it.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I don't write drafts. I write from the beginning to the end, and when it's finished, it's done.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I don't have the notion that everybody has to write in some single academic style.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I do think the attempt to raise consciousness has succeeded. People are very aware of gender concerns now.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I agree with Chomsky in almost nothing. When it comes to innate structures and so on, I'm very skeptical.”
 Clifford Geertz - “Has feminism made us all more conscious I think it has. Feminist critiques of anthropological masculine bias have been quite important, and they have increased my sensitivity to that kind of issue.”
 Clifford Geertz - “Anthropology in general has always been fairly hospitable to female scholars, and even to feminist scholars.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I think the American university system still seems to be the best system in the world.”
 Clifford Geertz - “If I remember correctly, a writer is someone who wants to convey information. Language or writing is a code.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I'm writing a review of three books on feminism and science, and it's about social constructionism. So I would say I'm a social constructionist, whatever that means.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I think of myself as a writer who happens to be doing his writing as an anthropologist.”
 Clifford Geertz - “Younger anthropologists have the notion that anthropology is too diverse. The number of things done under the name of anthropology is just infinite you can do anything and call it anthropology.”
 Clifford Geertz - “We're getting closer to our nature.”
 Clifford Geertz - “I've written a lot of books which are written from the moon - the view from nowhere.”
 Clifford Geertz - “Meaning is socially, historically, and rhetorically constructed.”

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