My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Geeser - “People are still having to use their cars and are still having to pay for gasoline, no matter how much they dislike the prices.”
 Michael Geeser - “That's the bad news for consumers. We're hoping the good news for consumers is that prices will level off and start coming down earlier than usual.”
 Michael Geeser - “The news is better in that we're sort of holding steady. That's good news for the consumer, and in that regard, prices have been in the 2.40 range per gallon in Las Vegas and 2.50 range in Reno.”
 Michael Geeser - “This is a holiday weekend where people have marked off some time and set aside money for vacation. A few more bucks at the pump aren't going to dissuade them.”
 Michael Geeser - “In the big picture, we certainly have recovered as far as refineries being repaired and coming back online.”
 Michael Geeser - “We think prices will probably remain where they are, maybe go up or down a penny, from now until the end of the year.”
 Michael Geeser - “The drop in statewide prices seems to buck the trend we're seeing across the country. Every spring, Americans have an increased demand for gasoline.”
 Michael Geeser - “The increase in statewide prices, from Las Vegas to Reno, is really cause for concern.”
 Michael Geeser - “In a lot of ways, we begin 2006 with the same issues we had in 2005.”
 Michael Geeser - “Since the New Year, we've seen 1 and 2 cent increases almost every day. At that pace, the average price has shot up into the mid 2 range.”