My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Geiman - “It's just a combination of a good solid quarter and some pretty solid guidance going forward.”
 Camey Geiman - “I couldn't ask for any more from the young ladies. They played so hard all season and really learned a lot. I told them before the game to relax, have fun and enjoy the journey and I think we accomplished that this season.”
 Dan Geiman - “Investors perhaps were disappointed that profits didn't beat estimates, even by just a little bit. Actually, this is the first time after eight straight quarters that Amazon didn't beat expectations.”
 Dan Geiman - “These are strong results for Amazon. That's for sure. After some mild disappointments in the past that wasn't the case this time around.”
 Dan Geiman - “Blue Nile has a great opportunity. It has created an attractive little niche in the jewelry industry and it should continue to grow so the valuation for the longer term is fairly attractive.”
 Dan Geiman - “These were pretty decent numbers overall. There was some concern over the sales numbers, but revenue also was strong for the quarter. There doesn't appear to be any letdowns here.”
 Dan Geiman - “The company is being ultra-competitive on prices and that's propelling sales.”
 Camey Geiman - “She was our emotional leader, and our leader on the court. I hope she rubs off on our younger players so they know how hard you have to work to play championship basketball.”
 Camey Geiman - “They came out hard in the third quarter and we couldn't answer back.”