My Favorite Quotes
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 Penny Geinger - “You think Regina's good, I think Brittany's going to have just as much impact. I thought she got bodied quite a bit, and they didn't call it.”
 Penny Geinger - “We're still a good team. I just think they're exceptionally good.”
 Penny Geinger - “She's a tough girl. She'll find a way, through free throws, driving, slashing to the baskets. She's going to do something every game.”
 Penny Geinger - “At halftime, we talked about settling down, and running some of our stuff. We were so tight. But we came out and scored on quite a few possessions in a row. That gave us momentum. It was nice to see the girls execute better in the third quarter.”
 Penny Geinger - “Both teams were pretty tight, because this was a big game. There were lots of fouls, but this was a good game for both of us.”